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Pest Control in Tottenham

Why Choose Our Pest Control Services in Tottenham

All of our local pest exterminators in Tottenham are with years of experience on the field. They can rid your home of any vermin problem. As a local resident, you can benefit from our:

  • pest removal services that are safe for you and your family;
  • discounted rates for multiple pest control services;
  • guaranteed treatments agaist pests;
  • a wide range of pest eradication services in Tottenham;
  • flexible booking options and availability;
  • additional services such as pest proofing and property disinfection.

Our Method of Pest Extermination in Tottenham

1. Full Inspection
All pest removal services start with a thorough inspection of the property in order to locate the pest and evaluate the size of infestation. If needed, our local exterminators in Tottenham will use innovative ways to detect the vermin - CCTV drain survey and UV tracking powder. We can also evaluate if there are any construction breaches that allowed the pest to enter into your home and that need fixing.

2. Pest Treatment
Your Tottenham exterminator will proceed with the most effective pest treatment option according to your specific situation. We use a wide range of extermination methods such as biological pest control, chemical control, insecticides, pesticides, heat, exclusion, and many more. Between the visits, your technician will place monitoring traps if applicable, in order to check up on the infestation progression.

3. Exclusion
Sometimes, in order to prevent pests from entering your home again, the Tottenham exterminator will install special products and tools designed to repel the vermin from your property.

4. After-Pest Home Care
We are trained and fully equipped to perform property disinfection upon your request and for an additional fee. This service ensures that your home is clean again and that no trace of vermin remains.

Why Tottenham Residents Choose Our Pest Removal Services

Here is why the local residents in Tottenham prefer to use the pest removal services of Archers Pest Control:

  • Charges are per job and not per hour;
  • Local technicians with years of practical experience;
  • Easy to schedule services;
  • Cutting-edge methods of pest detection and control;
  • Fast and discreet pest extermination in your area;
  • Discounted offers for multiple treatments.

Most In-Demand Pest Control Services in Tottenham

Pest Exclusion & After-Treatment Care

Pest Proofing Service
The pest technician in Tottenham can install a variety of proofing solutions at your property. We use bird spikes, fire gel, rodent exclusion tools and more to ensure that vermin will stay off the grounds of your house.

CCTV drain monitoring & repair
If your property has lots of cavities, the exterminator may decide to use this extra pest detection step FREE OF CHARGE. This way, he will easily locate rodent entry points in drains, pipes, ducts, and other places, and can even seal, fix, or replace a broken item for a small additional fee. By doing that, he will effectively prevent further pest problems at that point of contact.

Property Disinfection After Pests
Upon request and for a small charge, we will clean your home with a powerful biocide product that is developed to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms. Your home will once again be a safe space for you and your family.

Dead Animal Removal
During each visit as part of our pest control service, the technician can check your home for carcasses and pest droppings, and dispose of them in a safe way.

Other Nearby Areas

Archers Pest Control covers all London boroughs, so you can request our speedy pest control services without any delay. For your convenience, we perform our services in Stratford, Wood Green, Enfield, and Walthamstow, just to name a few, but we work with local exterminators in entire London.

*Parking and VAT are subject of a surcharge. Terms and conditions apply!

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