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Fly Control in London

How To Know If I Have A Fly Problem?

If you have a problem with cluster flies, it will be easy to spot - you will see dead, dying or even live flies around your windows or in the loft. They can be sunning on outside walls as well. It's important to notice the time of year when the flies appear. If you see flies in Summer, then those aren't "cluster flies" but can be bluebottle flies or house flies.
The fly control is needed when there is an excess number of flies around your London property. Make sure to contact Archer Pest Control in London if you want to get rid of house flies, lesser house flies, fruit flies, cluster flies or any other flies that are bothering you.

Prior To The Fly Control in London

Before your fly exterminator arrives for the treatment, make sure that your home is clutter-free and all surfaces are dusted. The treatment will take a better effect on clean surfaces and protection will last for longer.

The Fly Treatment Process

Your fly exterminator will treat all indoor areas of your London home with a special fumigation machine. It will release a chemical in the air that will slowly settle down and cover every inch of surface area with insecticide against flies. Our fly treatment plan includes 2 visits by the fly pest controller which will target the entire life cycle of the cluster flies and will guarantee you a fly-free home for a long time.

  1. On the 1st visit your fly exterminator will find the source of the infestation and will spray all infected areas of your London property with a hand sprayer filled with insecticide. After that, the technician will use a fogging matching to apply a protective layer of insecticide which will stay active for a longer period of time.
  2. On the 2nd visit the fly pest controller will use a different product with a residual effect. It is designed to stay active for a longer period of time. Again, he will use the fumigation machine to apply a protective layer of insecticide onto all surface areas infested with flies.
  3. After each visit, you will receive a detailed written report on all the taken fly control measures.

*An additional visit might be required if you have a heavy fly infestation and the technician advises that you need one.

**Book a 3rd visit by the fly exterminator at a reduced rate and extend your guarantee for up to 3 months.

There is a chance that not flies but another insect is pestering you. The local exterminator will ensure to check the species properly before proceeding with the proper treatment. If not fly control, you may need an ant treatment, carpet beetle treatment, moth pest control or even wasp extermination service.

During the time of treatment, the fly pest controller will use a protective respiratory mask and gloves to prevent contact with the insecticides. Keep in mind that you need to vacate the property for the time of the procedure and at least 3 hours after that. This will allow for some extra "drying" time for the insecticides to settle and take on full effect.

After The Fly Pest Control in Your London Home

After the fly control procedure is over, ensure that pets and children don't come into contact with treated surfaces until they are completely dry. If your skin comes into contact with the wet product, make sure to wash it off well. As long as treated surfaces aren't being washed or cleaned, the insecticide is able to remain active and kill off newly coming flies for up to 3 months. This condition applies to clean areas inside your house.

Best Plans For You

Professional fly control treatment plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

2 Visit Fly Control

£180.00 +VAT
  • * Price is for 1 Bedroom property
  • - Inspection and detailed pest control report
  • - Treatment with ULV fumigation machine
  • - All areas included
  • Treatment with 2 visits and 2 months guarantee

Additional Bedroom (Add-On)

£20.00 +VAT
  • - Price for additional 1 bedroom
  • - Add additional areas to your service
  • Price includes 2 visit treatments

*Parking and VAT are subject of a surcharge. Terms and conditions apply!

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