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Moth Control in London

How Do I Know I Have A Moth Infestation?

There are several threats to the textile in your London home - the clothes moth and the case-bearing clothes moth. Both of these infest carpets and clothes with wool contents in them. The carpet beetle, on the contrary, prefers to infest bird's nests, dead birds or rodents, and cereals. The actual damage which you see around, is caused by the larvae of all mentioned species of moths and beetles. While the adults feed on pollen and nectar, mate, and lay eggs, the larvae feasts on wool, thus causing damage to textiles. The carpet beetle larvae prefer to settle in undisturbed areas of your carpet and stored clothes. You only see their existence upon moving your furniture or taking your clothes out of the storage.

Why Moth Control is Necessary?

If left unchecked for a long time, moth infestations can cause immense damage to your collection of clothes, carpeted areas of your home, and even on furniture. As the infestation spreads, their number will increase, making it harder and more expensive to exterminate them. Act as soon as you notice their presence to avoid costly moth control procedures.

How To Prepare Form Moth Treatment in London?

Before your local moth exterminator arrives, make sure to prepare your home for the treatment. Clear all infested areas of clutter, vacuum the carpeted areas and move the furniture away from the walls. If you have a problem with moths in your pantries, toss out any infested food in a rubbish bin outside your London house. Clean the cupboards and remove all contents in preparation for spraying.

The Moth Control Procedure Explained

Your moth exterminator from London will arrive to fumigate your property with a special machine. It will fill the infested room with a fog of chemical, which will settle onto every single inch of the surface around. The product is a highly-potent insecticide against moths. Archer's Pest Control standard moth treatment plan includes 2 visits by the technician. Their aim is to cover the entire moth life cycle and destroy all insects - babies and adults - and to guarantee you a moth-free home.

  1. On the 1st visit - the technician will locate the infestation and spray all carpeted areas of your London property with a hand sprayer filled with insecticide. Then, your pest controller will use the fumigation machine to apply a layer of residual treatment. He will install moth monitoring traps to monitor for moth activity between his visits.
  2. On the 2nd visit - your moth exterminator will apply a different insecticide to the areas of your home. This second product is designed to remain active for longer periods of time, and thus, provide long-lasting protection of your home.
  3. After each visit, your pest professional will give you a written report on all activities.

*In some cases of severe moth infestation, an additional visit might be required. Your technician will advise you on any further work.
**Book a 3rd moth control visit at a reduced rate and extend your guarantee for up to 3 months.

Other pest species can also cause similar damage to moths and be a headache to get rid of. We offer swift and effective ant treatment, fly extermination, wasp nest removal in London, bed bug extermination and much more!

During his visits, the technician will use a protective respiratory mask and gloves. You must vacate the property during the time of treatment and free it of pets as well. You will need to wait for at least 3 hours after the moth control procedure to allow the insecticides to settle and take on full effect.

What To Do After The Moth Treatment?

For the treatment to be effective in killing the entire moth infestation, it's important that you don't clean or vacuum any of the treated areas for at least 14 days, or at least not before you stop seeing dead or dying larvae, beetles, and moths. Once the waiting period is over, you need to thoroughly vacuum all areas, especially the ones that don't see any human interaction for long periods of time. This will prevent re-infestation in the future. A common scenario is for people to store carpets of bags of clothes in loft spaces or carpet cuttings in cupboards. These are especially vulnerable now that the other areas have been sprayed with insecticide. You need to pay close attention to carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, draperies, closets, radiators, cracks and crevices, baseboards, and other hard-to-reach spots. All of these, including the carpeted areas under furniture, need to be thoroughly vacuumed on a regular basis after the moth control of your London property is over.

Best Plans For You

Professional moth control treatment plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

2 Visit Moth Control

£200.00 +VAT
  • *Price is for 1 Bedroom property
  • - Inspection and detailed pest control report
  • - Treatment with 2 visits
  • - All areas included
  • Treatment with 2 months guarantee

Additional Bedroom (Add-On)

£20.00 +VAT
  • - Price for additional 1 bedroom
  • - Add additional areas to your service
  • Price includes 2 visit treatments

*Parking and VAT are subject of a surcharge. Terms and conditions apply!

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