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Flea Control London

How Do I Know I Have A Flea Infestation?

Confirming a flea problem in your London home is quite easy - fleas bite. So, if you see tiny red dots on your legs, you can be sure that you have a flea infestation. However, fleas don't shy to bite other areas of your body as well, especially when it comes to children. Fleas bite the areas that they are able to reach by jumping, so it makes sense that children, being way smaller than adults, will suffer more from flea bites. People react differently to the bites - some experience intense itching and swelling, while others - don't. A flea control specialist will know best if there is a flea infestation in your London home.

Why Opt For Flea Pest Control?

Eradicating the flea infestation in your London home is important not only because the insect causes you discomfort. This pest can transmit tapeworms and can infest your guests, spreading to their homes and infesting public areas as well.

How To Prepare For The Flea Treatment in London?

To ensure that the flea pest control in your London home will succeed, you need to prepare before the exterminator's visit. You need to declutter and vacuum all floors because those will be sprayed with a residual insecticide that will need to not be cleaned for some time. Pay special attention to carpet edges and wall skirting, underneath furniture, beds, and resting areas of your pets. Vacuum all your upholstered furniture as these will be treated as well, and take care of the areas beneath the cushions, and in other furniture crevices where debris usually form. You should replace the beds of your pets with new ones, if possible. Once you're done vacuuming, dispose of it in an outside rubbish bin.

All flooring must be clear of clutter, so put away your books, toys, boxes, etc.

To ensure that your pet is clean, make sure to take it to the vet for a flea treatment.

During the time of the flea treatment of your London property, all family members and pets must vacate the premises.

The Flea Extermination Process

On the day of your flea control procedure, the flea exterminator will arrive and treat all rooms with a special fumigation machine. It will fill the room with a chemical fog that will slowly settle and cover every single inch of surface area with an insecticide that will destroy the fleas. The flea treatment plans offered by Archers Pest Control in London include 2 visits which will target the fleas at all stages of their life cycle. This will guarantee you a flea-free home if your infestation was of normal sizes.

  1. On the 1st visit, your flea exterminator will use IGR (insect growth regulator) insecticide that will break the flea's life cycle, effectively preventing them from reproduction and population growth. As a side effect, you will notice far fewer flea bites after this initial treatment. After that, your local flea technician will use the fumigation method to apply insecticide to all surfaces in your London flat.
  2. On the 2nd treatment, your flea pest controller will use a different insecticide with a prolonged residual effect. It will create a long-lasting protective layer that will shield your London property from fleas.
Book a flea treatment plan with 3 visits if you have more severe flea problems and extend your guarantee period to 3 months.

*Additional visit might be required if there is a heavy infestation but the flea exterminator will advise you if such is needed.

There is a variety of pest insects that resemble fleas, so the pest expert will need to carefully examine the area to define your specific problem. You may need a different treatment, such as bed bug control in London, cockroach pest control, spider extermination, or woodworm pest control.

Your local flea exterminator will protect himself with a respiratory mask and gloves during the process of flea control. Besides the expert, the premises must be vacated by people and pets and you need to allow for 3 hours of "drying" time after the treatment so that the products used can take a full effect and safely protect your London home from fleas.

After The Flea Treatment in London

Make sure that you let the areas in your property dry out completely after the flea pest control. Don't let your pets or children in for a couple of hours. If your skin comes into contact with insecticide whilst wet, make sure to wash the area thoroughly.

Refrain from vacuuming the rooms for at least 7-10 days in order to let the insecticides work at their fullest. For the first vacuuming post-treatment, dispose of the vacuum bag in an outside rubbish bin, away from the house. Vacuum once or twice a day, every day during that week, to pick up and dispose of the dead fleas and their eggs. Keep your pets indoors during the 14-day period, so that any remaining fleas come out of their hiding, get infected with the insecticide and die off.

Best Plans For You

Professional flea control treatment plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

2 Visit Flea Treatment

  • - Price for 1 bedroom property
  • - Inspection and detailed pest control report
  • - Different treatment every visit to avoid resistance
  • - All areas included
  • Treatment with 2 visits and 2 months guarantee

Additional Bedroom (Add-On)

£20.00 +VAT
  • - Price for additional 1 bedroom
  • - Add additional areas to your service
  • Price includes 2 visit treatments

*Parking and VAT are subject of a surcharge. Terms and conditions apply!

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