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Mice control in London

Mouse Control In London

How Do I Know I Have A Mouse Problem?

As experienced mice exterminators, we know the most common signs of mice infestations. You can either hear the rodents moving, most often at night time, sense their smell, or even see them running around your London apartment. Additional evidence includes droppings, burrowings, and scratch markings on surfaces. Mice are attracted to food and often travel in wall cavities and alongside pipe routes in order to reach all parts of your house. You can hear them in loft spaces, basements, and in the kitchen. Rarely can you see a mouse in daylight but it's still possible, especially if their colony has grown. That is why it's so important to deal with mice as soon as you suspect that you have them.

Prior To The Mice Treatment in London

You don't need to prepare much before the mouse control treatment in your London home. But you can do a thing or two to avoid the health hazard that mice's presence cause.

  • Make sure to put all foodstuffs away and maintain a high level of cleanliness;
  • Ensure that you clean kitchen tops, work surfaces, drawers, cutlery and dishes prior to using them;
  • If you suspect that mice have nibbled on your food, don't risk your health and dispose of it.

The Mice Control Process

There are two main steps for a successful mice removal in London - population extermination and entry point proofing. Besides that, your local mouse exterminator will use trapping and poisoning techniques in order to decrease the mice population. He will place poison baits to the right spots around your house so that the population is managed quickly and in its entirety. For the mouse control to work effectively, an exterminator must make at least two visits:

Initial Visit:

During the first visit by your London mouse exterminator, your property will be thoroughly inspected for the signs of mice activity. This is done in order to locate the entry points of the rodents and bait near the area   During this first visitation, your mouse exterminator will also:

  • Estimate the size of the infestation;
  • Devise a mouse control plan that will best fit your specific situation;
  • Implement the first steps - install mouse traps, or place bait boxes containing a potent rodenticide in areas where kids and pets don't have access but the mice do;
  • Write you a thorough mouse control report with pictures.

*Important: An additional visit by the mouse exterminator might be required. (depends on the size of mice population in your property ). You will be further advised, should you need it.

Follow-up visit:

On its second visit, your mice exterminator in London will inspect the traps, or the bait boxes and dispose of any carcasses safely. If the mice activity prevails, the technician will extend the treatment. At the end of the follow-up, you will receive another mouse control report outlining all activities.

Tip: Get your house mouse-proof by the pest pro at reduced prices and extend the guarantee for up to 3 months.

What To Do After The Mouse Control?

The mice population usually dies off in their holes. You will need to clean your home once more and remove any excess vegetation growing right next to your home. This will decrease the chances of re-infestation. Additionally, make sure to feed birds away from your house, if possible, as mice will be attracted to the food source and may reappear at your London property.

For best results, we recommend that you pair the mouse control in London with proofing of entry points.

Mice Control Add-Ons

Pest Sanitation

Sanitizing mice-infested areas – Rodents can spread diseases to humans directly through faeces, urine, saliva or bites. They can also spread diseases indirectly through ticks, mites and fleas.
We provide a thorough pest sanitation service with biocides to help cleanse high-traffic areas around your London home and kill bacteria and viruses where mice have been.
Mice infestations quickly damage your home and spread contamination. Their faeces, urine, carcasses and other waste is a health hazard that must be handled with care. We remove the rodent droppings and other disgusting filth from your house. Our mice exterminators make use of HEPA filter AIR SCRUBBERS during the clean-up which reduces the airborne dust and other mouse contaminants dramatically. We can also replace damaged insulation for an additional fee, so make sure to ask us for more details.

Mice Proofing of Property

To prevent from further mice problems, your mice exterminator from Archers Pest Control can offer you proofing of rodent entry points. The technician will locate the entry spots and seal those with a variety of professional materials, including metal mesh, wire wool, exclusion brushes for doors, sealant agents, sheet metal, cement, and escutcheon plates. Upon performing an on-site analysis of the entry points, we will provide with an estimate for the job. We perform mice exclusion and proofing services to all sorts of properties, from apartments to commercial facilities, and anything in between.

At Archers Pest Control in London, we employ industry innovative techniques and tools to locate mice entry spots. Our premium methods include the use of Infrared Tracking Dust and Endoscopic Cameras absolutely FREE of charge.

Other Rodents

There are other rodent species that leave property damage similar to mice. A local mouse exterminator can tell you if you need a rat control service, squirrel eradication or mole removal from your backyard. Make sure to call us and we will inspect your property.

Best Plans For You

Professional mice control treatment plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

3 Visit Treatment

£240.00 +VAT
  • - Inspection and detailed pest control report with pictures of entry points
  • - Humane treatment with traps/rodenticides and tracking gel
  • - All areas included
  • 2 Months guarantee at the end of your service

Rodent Entry Point Proofing (Add-on)

Individual Quote
  • - Proofing of rodent size entry points
  • - Premium and last longing materials used
  • * Subject to availability
  • Extend your guarantee to 3 months

Biocide Pest Sanitation (Add-on)

Individual Quote
  • - Removing Rat & Mice droppings and urine
  • - All areas included
  • Ask your pro, or our agents for more details

*Parking and VAT are subject of a surcharge. Terms and conditions apply!

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