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Squirrel Control in London

How Do I Know I Have A Squirrel Problem?

We quickly stop seeing squirrels as these cutesy animals only when they take residence in our loft spaces. Only then do we see them as the true pest they are - creating a tremendous amount of noise and destruction - much more than what mice and rats are capable of. They usually invade our London homes in search of shelter or breeding grounds. You can know that you have a squirrel and not a rat problem because squirrels are active during day time (6 AM to 6 PM), while rats are active at night (6 PM to 6 AM).

Why Should Squirrels Be Treated?

Squirrels pose danger to both our homes and families. Once they enter the loft, they are capable of causing structural damage that is worth hundreds and thousands of pounds. They tear up loft insulation in search for bedding material, chew on timber, gnaw on pipes and stored belongings, and pose a fire hazard by stripping the insulation from electrical wires and cables. Squirrels are also extremely noisy and can contaminate our water supply if they die where they shouldn't have. This is why it's important to keep squirrels out of our London properties and lofts. In gardens, squirrels cause similar troubles - they eat the plants and bulbs, strip the bark and eat the birds' eggs and chicks. Grey squirrels, in particular, are classed as vermin, and it's actually illegal to release a trapped grey squirrel. This is why they must be dealt with professionally.

Before The Squirrel Removal Procedure

Unexperienced individuals may do more harm than good, so leave the squirrel removal in professional hands of pest controllers. Don't attempt to block their entry points prior to our arrival - this can cause further damage, as they try to get back into their "homes". Once your squirrel exterminator arrives at your London home, he will advise for the proper course of action when removing squirrels from your property.

Squirrel Control in London Explained

Squirrel treatments and removal are much more time-consuming than other pest control processes. Removing squirrels from an outside area must be carefully assessed because once this family of squirrels leave, their territory will be re-occupied sooner or later. How soon? It depends on the population of squirrels in the surrounding area. Squirrels prey on birds nests. They eat both the eggs and the young birds. When you feed squirrels in gardens, this increases their population, which in result harms other wildlife.

Our squirrel exterminators use trapping or poisoning methods of control. Your technician will evaluate the situation and choose the proper measures of squirrel deterrence.

The poisonous bait is whole wheat soaked in anticoagulant poison named WARFARIN. This is the only poison permitted for usage against grey squirrels. The squirrels will have to feed several times on this product before dying. This slow process ensures that the vermin do not become suspicious and start to associate the bait with illness or death, thus ensuring that all squirrels will die. If the squirrels have access to other food (bird food, for example) during the time of treatment, they will ignore the bait and go for the alternative source of food. Because of that, traps are frequently used alongside the poisonous bait. The traps used are approved for use against grey squirrels.

Our squirrel treatment plan includes 2 visits from a London squirrel exterminator. These will be carried in your loft with regular control approach, that involves the placement of bait for grey squirrels only in safe places. Traps may also be used, according to the technician decision.

  1. On the 1st visit the squirrel exterminator will inspect the loft and look for rodent activity and entry points. He will place bait against grey squirrels.
  2. On the 2nd and 3rd visit the technician will come and collect any carcasses and replace the bait. If you have a severe squirrel problem, an additional visit may be required. If your technician finds any entry points, he will advise you how to proof them. Alternatively, he can do that for you for a small fee.
  3. After each visit from your local squirrel exterminator, you will receive a pest control report outlining all completed tasks and taken measures.
Book entry points proofing by your squirrel exterminator and extend your guarantee for up to 3 months.

After The Squirrel Treatment in London

If you had an indoor problem with squirrels, then after the treatment is completed, it's important to proof the building. Squirrels are territorial creatures, so a new family will want to move in the vacant territory soon, so you needn't provide them with access to your home

Squirrel Control Add-Ons

Pest Sanitation

Sanitizing rodent-infested areas – rodents are known spreaders of diseases, and squirrels are no exception. They spread the disease directly through faeces, urine, saliva, or even bites. They also spread said disease indirectly through ticks, mites, and fleas
Archers Pest Control offers sanitation services with biocides in order to cleanse the areas where squirrels have lived, and kill off any remaining bacteria and viruses. Squirrels pose a health concern as they create an astonishing amount of contamination in a relatively short period of time. Their faeces, urine, carcasses, and other waste are a health hazard for your family. We can remove the rodent droppings and other unsanitary contaminants from your home. This will not only reduce hazardous waste but will also delete the pheromone scent trail left by the squirrels. For our sanitation process, we employ HEPA filter AIR SCRUBBERS to drastically decrease any airborne dust and rodent contaminants. We also remove the contaminated and damaged insulation and can replace it with new for an additional fee. Make sure to enquire about our sanitation services from your squirrel removal specialist.

Other Rodents

Squirrels aren't the only rodents to infest people's home, other pesky intruders can also cause a lot of damage. You might need to call a rat exterminator in London or conduct mice pest control service. And don't forget that moles can cause damage in your backyard as well. Our local pest exterminators will make sure to properly inspect your home and treat it accordingly.

Best Plans For You

Professional squirrel control treatment plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

Squirrel Control

  • - Inspection and detailed pest control report with pictures of entry points
  • - Humane treatment with external or internal traps
  • Treatment with 3 visits and 2 months guarantee

Entry Point Proofing (Add-on)

Individual Quote
  • - Squirrel entry point repairs
  • - Prevent squirrel return permanently
  • - Stainless steel materials
  • Add 1-month guarantee to your service

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