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Rat Control London

Rat Control in London

How Do I Know I Have A Rat Problem?

There are many signs that can point toward rat infestation. You can see the rodent, hear them moving through your London home, smell their urine and even see them running about. Rats leave droppings and gnaw damage on surfaces but most rat problems are outdoors. They can venture into your house for shelter, food, water or a combination of all three.

Rats can use basements, loft areas and kitchens as their main hideouts since food and water can be abundant there. This pest is super intelligent and adapts to its surroundings. This makes them effectively one of the most successful animals and a hard pest to deal with. Rat control specialists train extensively in order to learn how to manage their population effectively.

Why Should Rats Be Treated Fast?

Landowners have a legal obligation to treat rats because the latter carries diseases, is a fire hazard and can cause extensive property damage by chewing on electrical wires and gnawing pipes. Moreover, rats are a threat to other wildlife as their population grows rapidly.

Before The Rat Control Procedure

Note where you have seen the rats and ensure to ask your neighbours if they have any rodent problems. Cease bird feeding as it provides food for the rat population, and make sure to seal your compost bins tightly. If you see any droppings or damage, refrain from cleaning or fixing the issue as the area may be contaminated - your rat exterminator will handle it. One of the most important steps in managing a rat infestation is to identify and remove any food sources for the rat population.

Rat Treatment in London

We deal with rat infestations in London in a humane way - with baits or traps.

Your rat pest controller will conduct at least 2 visits, depending on your treatment plan:

Initial visit:

During the first visit of your rat treatment in London, your exterminator will inspect all rooms, the basement, and the loft for any rat activity. The technician will locate all entry points and will determine the size and severity of the infestation. The rat controller will create an action plan and will select the best way of treating the rat infestation. The pro will start managing the population by placing traps, or bait boxes with rodenticides (those will be placed in locations where kids and pets don't have access) according to COSHH standards. This way the rat population will be managed in a short time. At the end of the visit, you will get a written rat control report outlining taken actions.

*An additional visit might be required by your rat pest controller. (depending on the severity of your rat problem ). The technician will advise you should you need it.

Follow-up visit:

On the second rat control treatment, your technician will carefully inspect all bait boxes and will evaluate the results so far. If there is still some signs of rat activity, the exterminator will extend the treatment as needed. At the end of his visit, the rat technician will write you a pest control report with the jobs done. He will also advise you if you need rodent proofing of entry points to prevent further problems.

Advanced Plan: Get your house rat-proof at reduced price and extend your guarantee for up to 3 months.

Important: Rats are suspicious creatures and it can take up to 7 days before they get used to the new objects in their surroundings and start to ingest the bait. It's very important to eradicate the entire rat population because a single male and female are enough to repopulate the area again.

Rat sightings during daylight is a sure sign of a severe rat infestation. Rats are attracted to the scent left by other animals, as well as their food, so you should take extra care when feeding your pets or wild birds. Make sure to store foodstuffs properly and dispose of any rubbish quickly. If you find any rat carcasses, handle them with the utmost care, wearing protective gloves.

There is a very small chance that a rat may die in odd places, under floorboards or behind walls, for example, and that their bodies can smell. Unfortunately, we can't control that but can overcome the bad smell by using special absorbing sachets and other bad odour masking agents. However, in 90% of the cases, the poison used to control the rat infestation dehydrates the rats, so they flee out of the house, searching for a water source before they die.

What Do I Do After The Rat Treatment?

All rats are attracted to rubbish and other animal species, as well as their food. They feed on scraps and leftover pet food, droppings from wildlife animals such as foxes, wolves and more. The same applies to guinea pigs, rabbits, and chickens. If you have any animals, make sure to clear up droppings in a timely manner, store their food in rat-proof containers and dispose of rubbish quickly. If you have compost bins, seal those tightly and make sure they are clean and not leaking.

Rat Control Add-Ons

Pest Sanitation

Sanitizing rat-infested areas – Rats can quickly spread diseases to humans through faeces, urine, saliva, and even bites. Indirectly, the rodent spreads filth and disease through ticks, mites and fleas.
Our rat control team in London provides a sanitation service with biocides that can help by clearing infested areas and kill bacteria and viruses left by the rat infestation. Rat faeces, urine, carcasses, and other biological waste are a health hazard and as such, should be handled with care. We can remove all rat droppings left behind and thus, protect you and your family. We use HEPA filter AIR SCRUBBERS for the clean-up procedure which dramatically reduces the airborne dust and other rat contaminants. We can also remove damaged insulation and replace it for an additional fee, so make sure to ask your technician for more information.

Rat Entry Point Proofing

Our rat proofing and exclusion services are designed to permanently deny access to rats to your London property. The rat technician will use a variety of proofing products such as exclusion brushes for doors, sealants, copper mesh, sheet metal, cement and more to ensure that all rats remain away from your home. We also use Infrared Tracking Dust and Endoscopic Cameras free of charge to perform our proofing duties.

Drain CCTV and Repairs

Archers Pest Control can assist you with CCTV inspection of the drains, cavities, pipes, ducts, and voids to investigate rat's entry points. We can locate broken, unsealed, or collapsed areas and items that allow rats to enter and can offer you to seal or fix those. We can install rat stop valves, seal manhole chamber holes, remove redundant connections, and more.

Drain CCTV surveys start from £170+VAT and drain repair jobs are quoted individually.

Rat Fumigation Services

This is an effective alternative to traditional rat control measures in farming and not only. Make sure to enquire more about it from our experienced staff as quotations are formed on an individual basis.

Other Rodent Treatments

Archers Pest Control also offers to send out a mouse exterminator, squirrel removal specialist or a garden mole eradication expert if you happen to have a problem with other rodent species. Call us to inspect your property and we will deal with the pest, no matter its type.

Best Plans For You

Professional rat control treatment plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

3 Visit Treatment

£240.00 +VAT
  • - Inspection and detailed pest control report with pictures of entry points
  • - Humane treatment with traps/rodenticides and tracking dust
  • - All areas included
  • Treatment with 3 visits and 2 months guarantee

Rodent Entry Point Proofing (Add-on)

Individual Quote
  • - Proofing of rodent size entry points
  • - Premium and last longing materials used
  • *Subject to availability
  • Extend your guarantee to 3 months

Biocide Pest Sanitation (Add-on)

Individual Quote
  • - Removing Rat & Mice droppings and urine
  • - All areas included
  • Ask your pro for more details or advices on our pest sanitation service

*Parking and VAT are subject of a surcharge. Terms and conditions apply!