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Pigeon Control in London

Birds In Domestic Premises In London

Birds are commonly attracted to houses all over London. Their nesting can cause issues with parasites, unpleasant noise, and mess all over your house. Some of the bird types that nests close to humans, such as starlings and sparrows, are protected by the law, so disrupting their nests, eggs, or younglings is not advised. This is why we only block their holes when the birds are not present and the nest is completely empty.
For other birds that cause nuisance, such as pigeons, roosting and nesting behaviours can be prevented. At Archers Pest Control, we conduct pigeon control by placing nets and spikes on areas where pigeons like to flock. If you happen to have a pigeon problem, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 020 8144 8757.

Bird Proofing of Solar Panels in London

Nuisance birds are smart creatures and quickly learn that solar panels provide for a good shelter where they can roost and nest. We are receiving an increasing amount of calls related to pigeons on solar panels around London. To deal with the nuisance and protect your investment, we use the newly designed bird spikes that are used near the solar panels to prevent birds from flocking. These spikes are similar to the ordinary bird spikes but are angled in such a way as to prevent the pigeons and other birds from accessing the space near the solar panel. The spike base has maximum contact with the roof, which makes the spike construct stable and strong. Unlike other methods of bird control for solar panels (for example the wire mesh installation), the spikes allow for sufficient ventilation under the solar panels, while providing room for leaves to pass through, rather than building up.

Besides damaging your solar panels, the problems caused by nesting birds to London properties include bad smell, a buildup of feathers and nesting material, droppings that block the gutters and drains and create a smelly mess everywhere, noise and general nuisance. Pigeon droppings are particularly harmful to surfaces because of their chemical composition that erodes the areas.

Unfortunately, owls and other birds of prey, commonly used to deter pigeons, do not work in the long term. This is true not only if you try to protect your solar panels but also if you want to deter birds from your London property as well. Such tactics work for a short period of time since nuisance birds and pigeons get used to the new addition to their environment and will quickly start to ignore them. Live birds of prey is also not a viable long-term strategy because the pigeons will return once that bird is gone.

Deterring Birds From Buildings in London

At Archers Pest Control in London, we use bird free "fire gel" against pigeons, gulls and other nuisance birds. This method of bird control was introduced back in 2011 and has proven to be effective during our years of experience ever since. The gel is a special substance that appears to birds and pigeons as if there's a fire, which deters them effectively and makes them avoid the area. The fire gel is installed in small dishes on your roof and other suitable areas by your bird exterminator. It is a non-toxic substance that is not obtrusive-looking and is low on maintenance. Bird Free Fire Gel is harmless, odourless and a very humane way of deterring any type of nuisance birds that flock around your London property. It may be replaced every 2 years, but in most situations that is not required. It's the perfect alternative to spikes and nets. The drawback of this bird control method is its price - roughly £35 + VAT per metre including installation. 

Bird Guano Cleaning in London

To avoid catching any of the numerous diseases that bird and pigeon droppings spread, trust Archers Pest Control to perform the dropping clean-ups. We will not only get rid of the mess but will thoroughly clean out the area where pigeons have resided. We do that by:

  • Power washing/pressure washing the affected areas;
  • Using strong, commercial-grade detergents, biocides and virucidal cleaners.

Here is why it's best to call professional bird controllers to handle the pigeon droppings:

  • You need to avoid exposure to harmful bacteria, especially if you have any kind of breathing problem or lung disease.
  • Cleaning bird guano is a time-consuming task which experts know how to accomplish effectively in less time. When it comes to cleaning bird droppings, the quality of the job does matter greatly.
  • The equipment and expertise involved call for professional technicians. We have industrial-grade pressure washers, commercial cleaning detergents and years of experience that can deliver a mess-free result.

Other Pests

Birds, and especially pigeons, are transmitters of mites, ticks, fleas and even bed bugs. It's important to hire a professional bed bug exterminator or flea pest controller to deal with these problems if your bird exterminator has discovered an issue. The sooner you get rid of the problem, the better as over time it becomes more time-consuming and expensive to treat them.

Best Plans For You

Professional pigeon control treatment plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

Bird Proofing

From £80.00 +VAT
  • - Free of charge quotations
  • - Metal spikes installation
  • - Solar panel proofing
  • - Bird net installation
  • - Post wire systems
  • All services have 1 year guarantee

Bird Guano Cleaning

Individual Quotation
  • - Inspection and detailed pest control report
  • - Free of charge Survey
  • Call us for more info 020 8144 8757

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