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"Archers Pest Control philosophy is providing excellence in pest control service utilizing the latest technology and education in the pest control industry. Courtesy, professionalism, and respect of our customers is the basis of all our daily functions."

For over 30 years our company have been providing affordable pest control services in London. In 2019 Archers obtained ownership over No Bites Tonight LTD. Merging the two companies have improved our customer relationship management systems and our services, the way how they are delivered now. The experience gained over the years dealing with pests is now part of our 2nd generation family trained pest control technicians.

No Matter How Severe Your Pest Problem, You Can Count On Archers Pest Control

Family Owned & Operated Pest Control Company 

Archers Pest Control is a second generation, family owned and operated company licensed in United Kingdom. Our technicians are trained in the latest pest control technologies and techniques and are certified and insured for each type of pest they provide service for.

Our knowledgeable leaders train technicians regularly on the newest, safest, most effective control and treatment methods. Our experts do field work regularly to assure quality service is provided to our customers.

10 Reasons To Choose Archers Pest Control

  • dummy Archers Pest Control has been a leader in the pest control industry for over 34 years.
  • dummy Archers is licensed to operate with all Rodents, Insects and Public Health pest birds.
  • dummy Archers has been family owned and operated for two generations.
  • dummy Archers Pest Control is a full service pest control company. Whether you need commercial or residential pest control, or whether you have general pests, or nuisance wildlife, it can all be handled by one company.
  • dummy Archers is a member of the National Pest Technician Association and BASIS Prompt.
  • dummy All Archers technicians are certified by RSPH. They receive constant training and are aware of the latest techniques in the pest control industry.
  • dummy The owners of Archers Pest Control, have huge experience during the years, constantly monitoring their technicians.
  • dummy Archers specializes in Integrated Pest Management methods and is green certified. They have received recognition and various awards in the pest control industry.
  • dummy Archers does not only exterminate, it also prevent and educates.
  • dummy Archers Pest Control continues to serve thousands of customers. We have done this by making YOU and YOUR needs our top priority.
Mario Stanchev
Mario StanchevCEO, Managing Director


Paul Cooke
Paul CookeCEO, Managing Director


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Nick WalkerSenior Pest Control Technician


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Martin RobertsSenior Pest Control Technician


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Valerie WinchesterCustomer Support Manager


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Kate JohnsonCustomer Care Manager


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