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Cockroach Control London

How Do I Know I Have Cockroaches?

It's easy to know that you have a cockroach problem - you will see both dead and alive cockroaches around your London property. They prefer kitchens or other rooms with boilers and other electrical appliances as they provide them with hiding ground and food.

Cockroaches are nocturnal, so expect to see them at night time, and they love warmth, although they can tolerate low temperatures as well. The most common rooms that cockroaches infest include kitchens, laundry rooms, boiler rooms and anywhere else, where the temperatures are high.

Why Is Cockroach Extermination Important?

Besides being extremely repulsive, cockroaches are also a health hazard. Obviously, if you are running a restaurant or another commercial entity, the Environmental Health Department may close your business, fine you, or do both. Cockroaches multiply super quickly, so if left unchecked, their number will increase rapidly.

Before The Cockroach Control in London

For any cockroach control treatment to work, the infested areas must be clear of clutter, mess, and filth. Make sure to clean under your cookers and fridges, before proceeding to cleaning the actual appliances. You need to clean and de-grease all areas thoroughly. Additionally, you need to contact your neighbours and ask them if they have a problem. If the infestation is coming from them, their premises should also be treated. Cockroach treatments in large communal buildings can only work if the entire building is treated at the same time. Otherwise, a re-infestation may occur.

Cockroach Control in London Explained

The cockroach treatment of your London property depends on your plan:

      1. One-Off Treatment: Your cockroach exterminator will inspect the property for any signs of cockroach activity. He will look for tell-tale signs such as droppings and dead insects. Then he will proceed with the actual cockroach treatment. At Archers Pest Control, we utilise the newest methods of cockroach eradication in order to achieve quick and effective results. The technician will place poisonous bait gel on places where cockroaches are active. This gel contains attractants that stimulate the cockroaches to ingest it and spread the poison further in their colonies due to their cannibalistic nature. Once ingested, the gel has a domino effect on the cockroach population. The product, however, is not toxic to humans and pets, because it is placed on hard to reach areas. You don't need to vacate the property at any time of the cockroach control treatment.
      2. Two Visit Treatment: If you want to be on the safe side and ensure that the entire cockroach population has been destroyed, we advise that you book a two visit cockroach treatment. On the 2nd visit, the exterminator will switch to a spray solution that will have an immediate effect on the cockroach population. For the second treatment, you will need to vacate the property for at least 3 hours to allow the spray to dry off completely before you enter.

In some other instances, when, for example, you have a heavy infestation or the problem is introduced by neighbours, more than 2 visits might be needed for a complete cockroach eradication. Such is the case with shared, communal buildings, and restaurants, where spraying is required on a monthly basis or another schedule. Your cockroach pest controller in London will advise you for the best course of action according to your situation.

What To Do Post Cockroach Control Treatment

After the treatment, you will notice dead cockroaches for at least a few weeks. Make sure to dispose of those safely, by wearing protective gloves. Refrain from washing treated areas for at least 2 months after spraying, as this will remove some of the insecticide or bait gel as well, thus will diminish the effectiveness of the cockroach treatment. Otherwise, you should keep hygiene at great levels, so as to avoid attracting more insects, especially in odd areas such as behind the fridge or under the cooker. Your local cockroach exterminator will supply you with cockroach monitoring traps that are designed to gauge their population. These are safe sticky traps with pheromone bait which will attract any living cockroaches but not destroy them. They are solely for monitoring purposes.

Other Insects

If you are not completely sure that you have a cockroach problem, worry not. Archers Pest Control can rid you of a variety of insect intruders. You might need a bed bugs pest control, spider eradication, flea removal, or carpet beetle treatment - we can do it all! Simply give us a call and we will send a local expert to check and treat the issue at hand.

Best Plans For You

Professional cockroach control treatment plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

2 Visit Treatment for Cockroaches

£180.00 +VAT
  • - Price for 1 Bedroom property
  • - Inspection and detailed pest control report
  • - Treatment with bait gel or liquid insecticides - depends on the type of cockroaches
  • - All areas included
  • Treatment with 2 months guarantee

Additional Bedroom (Add-On)

£20.00 +VAT
  • - Add additional bedrooms or areas to your treatment
  • - Price for additional 1 bedroom
  • Price includes 2 visit treatments

*Parking and VAT are subject of a surcharge. Terms and conditions apply!

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