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Mole Control in London

Problems That Moles Cause

As earth dwelling creatures, you don't often spot the moles, but instead, the trail of destruction they leave behind. Their burrowing and tunnelling cause homeowners and people with gardens some serious headaches. If you have a severe problem with moles, professional mole removal is required.

Moles are capable of digging their tunnels at a rapid speed. They form a network of "runways" and chambers underneat the surface, and as a result, visible molehills appear where the tunnelling activity gets close to the surface of the ground. The mole burrows consist of tunnels near the surface and deeper into the ground.

Signs of a Mole Infestation

The main complaint we receive in regards to mole infestations is the unsightly mounds they leave in the dirt around. The moles can not only ruin your perfect lawn but also harm your garden produce. The best way to deal with the problem is to have the moles removed by experienced mole control experts.

Moles are carnivorous animals and as such, they won't eat your fruits and veggies, but instead, will feed on insects, earthworms, and grubs. Your plants may be dying as a result of mole infestation because of their tunnelling activity, which disturbs the plant's roots.

Mole Pest Control in London

At Archers Pest Control, we have extensive experience with mole control. We can offer you a number of ways to remove the moles from your London property. Those can involve trapping activities, fumigation of the pest, as well as recommendations on deterring techniques which you can apply to prevent them from returning in the future. Contact us today to request our assistance in mole eradication!

Mole Fumigation

This is an advanced method of mole control which is a good alternative to standard methods of controlling the mole population in your property. While trapping, shooting and fencing are labour intensive, and other chemical methods are banned by the government, using fumigants is one of the best ways to control moles. We are fully certified to use aluminium phosphide to fumigate the mole burrows, warrens and nests, which effectively controls moles.

Other Rodent Species

There are lots of other rodent species that can cause damage to your home or garden. If you notice any suspicious signs you might need to call for a mouse exterminator in London or a rat control expert. Squirrels are also harmful and should be removed from the premise as quickly as possible. If you hear any strange noises from the roof, you may have a pigeon problem that needs attending.

Best Plans For You

Professional mole control treatment plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

Mole Trapping & Removal

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Mole Fumigation

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