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Bed Bug Heat Treatment in London

How Do I Know I Have A Bed Bug Problem?

Bed bugs are active during night time, and thus, they will bite you while you sleep. As with other bites, different people will have different reactions, but you can be sure that your bites are left by bed bugs if the body areas that have been bitten include your arms, neck, and upper body. Bed bugs are visible to the human eye but it's hard to notice them during the day, as this is when they prefer to hide

Since you can't feel the bed bugs crawling on you, and you can't see them during the day, often the only sign of bed bug infestation are the bite marks. This is why most people don't notice they have a problem until the bed bug population has grown big. It's important to eradicate the bed bug infestation quickly since the more the population grows, the harder and more expensive it is to handle the problem. Heat treatment of bed bugs is especially advised if you have a huge bed bug problem. This is the only treatment that handles their population quickly and effectively in just one go

Preparing For The Bed Bug Heat Treatment in London

Being the most difficult pest to handle, it's no wonder that proper preparation is key when eradicating a bed bug colony from your London home. Here is what you need to do prior to the arrival of your local exterminator:

  • Remove and launder your bedding, pillows, curtains, and any other textiles around the infested area;
  • Clear the room of clutter and vacuum thoroughly - the cleaner the room, the easier and more effective the bed bug treatment will be;
  • Open all wardrobes and drawers but don't remove any clothes as those will be heat treated against bed bugs as well;
  • Remove any toys, books, boxes, posters, CDs, makeup, electronics, batteries, and everything with LCD displays - basically, everything that can be harmed by the heat. Don'tput those objects in other rooms as you may spread the infestation, instead, put them in your bathtub or onto the bathroom tiles and inform your bed bug controller about it;
  • It's crucial that the room is as free of items as possible because the heat treatment for bed bugs is a process that requires enough space for the hot air to move.

Before the arrival of your bed bug heat treatment expert, please turn your heating to the max setting for at least 2 hours prior to treating - this will shorten the time of the actual treatment, that can take up to several hours.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process

Once your bed bug heat treatment technician arrives at your London property, he will set up the heaters around the room that requires treatment. Each room requires 3-4 hours of treatment in order to kill the bed bugs in all their life stages, however, the time may vary depending on the size of the room and whether you have warmed the area prior to our arrival.

During the heat treatment for bed bugs, your technician will use a computer and smartphone with Bluetooth sensors placed in different areas of the room, to constantly monitor the temperature and operate the heater. Once a temperature of 48C is reached, the bed bugs will start to die. The temperature will be increased in the following hours in order to eradicate the bed bug eggs as well. During the treatment, the technician will also treat the clothes inside your wardrobe.

Once the heat treatment is complete, the exterminator will spray the area with insecticide, which will provide an invisible chemical layer that will protect your London property from recurring bed bug problems for at least 3 months.

Our heat treatment for bed bugs comes with a follow-up visit after 14 have passed from our initial visit. The exterminator will spray the areas once again with a different insecticide to ensure the best possible results.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee Heat Treatments that are carried out without an insecticide spray. This is because heat is unable to penetrate deep enough into furniture and mattresses, and although in light infestations it may kill 100% of the bed bug population, there is a possibility that some of the nasty bugs will survive. The main advantages of a bed bug heat treatment is that:

  • Overall less insecticide is being used;
  • Less or no bed bugs are present in the 2-3 week ‘dying out’ phase of the treatment ( we get between 98-100% success rate, depending on the customer preparation of the room);
  • No need to wash your clothes as they all get heated ( similar to dry cleaning ).

Heat treatment is also recommended if you have severe issues with fleas, flies, spiders, moths and other insect pests. Contact us now to learn more about the service and whether or not it is suitable for your situation.

Best Plans For You

Professional heat treatment for bed bugs plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

Standard Single/Double Room

Currently Unavailable
  • - Inspection and detailed pest control report
  • - Heat Treatment up to 60C
  • - 2 insecticide spray visits included
  • Treatment with 3 months guarantee

+1 Room Add-on

Currently Unavailable
  • - Inspection and detailed pest control report
  • - Heat Treatment up to 60C
  • - 2 insecticide spray visits included
  • Treatment with 3 months guarantee

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