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Fox Control in London

What To Do If You Have Foxes in Your Garden?

Fox control in London is one of the most difficult tasks. At Archers Pest Control, we know that foxes and rats alike generate similar public interest. There are strict legislation rules in place that determine the ways in which foxes are to be controlled.

People are divided in regards to foxes, with some wanting to tolerate their presence, while others want to eradicate them from their homes and gardens.

A method of fox control is culling of foxes. It is permitted by law as opposed to capturing them and releasing them to another location.

If you spot foxes in your garden and want them gone, contact us as we have some options that we can use to control the fox population.

Humane Culling of Foxes in London

The fox cull in London can be carried out by trained and qualified marksmen who follow strict control procedures.

Before the shoot takes place, a full survey of the grounds is required. This ensures a safe environment for the culling as well as efficient control of the foxes.

As per the law, the local police constabulary will be informed of the fox control.

Establishments that can most benefit from the fox control include schools, building sites, garden centres, golf courses, parks and extensive gardens.

Fox Proofing and Humane Trapping in London

Fox trapping is a great strategy if foxes are denning far away from the control site, so a guaranteed result can't be accomplished with a targeted shoot. Al trapped foxes get humanely dispatched, never relocated, as it is not permitted by the law.
Archers Pest Control are happy to offer you a free premise inspection which will cover your entire property. Then, we can give you an estimate and develop a programme for proofing your property. The site inspection can cover many buildings at once so that the undertaken proofing measures can work together to push the population of foxes away from your property.

The methods of fox control evolve constantly as the vermin has become an increasing problem for Londoners. At Archers Pest Control, we are committed to humane control of foxes because we are aware that living alongside humans can let their population grow in unnatural ways, posing a threat not only to humans but to other wildlife as well.

Other Pests

There are other pest species that can cause distress to homeowners. Your local exterminator will be able to correctly define your problem and approach it with professionalism and care. We also offer squirrel removal, garden mole eradication, rat removal and mouse pest control in your area. Get in touch today and allow us to deal with the pest ASAP.

Best Plans For You

Professional fox control treatment plans in London, tailored to fit any budget, of any household!

Fox Control

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