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Pest Sanitation in London

How We Kill Germs And Bacterias After Pest Infestations

All pest technicians at Archers Pest Control are fully equipped and experienced to remove all traces of pest infestations. We utilise the biocide method, as it is proven to be more effective than any detergent or disinfectant available in the UK. Biocide Treatments are biological or chemical methods that get rid of pests, bacteria, and viruses around your London property. All of our pest technicians are fully trained and experienced in using biocides in a safe manner, without endangering your health or wellbeing. Professional use of biocides does not pose a risk to human health, your pet's wellbeing or nature around.

Archers Pest Control is fully compliant with HSE Standards

HSE is UK's Competent Authority for biocides and it works in accordance with two regulatory schemes - for Safety Assessment and for Testing. Biocide Treatments are classified as professional pest control work, and as such, must conform to the following regulations:


This regulation is responsible for the regular update and even repeal of the Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EEC. It covers an extensive range of pest control products and solutions, preservatives, disinfectants, and more.


The much older COPR scheme covers a range of pest control substances containing potent ingredients that have not yet been approved by the EU Biocides Regulations.

Cleaning Rat Debris

Rats are very invasive and can create a staggering amount of contamination and damage in a short timeframe. Their faeces, urine, carcasses and other biological waste are a health hazard and pose a great risk to the health and wellbeing of you and your family. This is why we advise booking sanitation after each rat extermination in London
We can remove all rodent dropping and the filth left by the pest. This will reduce hazardous waste, as well as the pheromone trail that can attract other pests. During the actual cleaning process, we use HEPA filter AIR SCRUBBERS which dramatically reduce airborne particles, dust, and other rodent contaminants. We will also remove any contaminated or damaged insulation and can replace that for an additional fee.

Sanitation is also recommended if you've had a local mouse control, squirrel removal, or pigeon control.

Rat Sanitation Services in London

Archers Pest Control provides an effective sanitizing service for rat-infested areas. It helps cleanse all areas where rats were present, reduce contamination and minify the danger to your health.

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Pest Control Sanitation

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  • - Removal of rat droppings and debris
  • - Biocides sanitation included
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