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Pest Control in Wood Green

Why Choose Archers Pest Control in Wood Green

Our local pest exterminators in Wood Green, London, are at your service and will rid your property of the nasty pests. All residents can benefit from our:

  • availability & flexible scheduling;
  • variety of pest extermination services available in Wood Green;
  • additional tasks, including disinfection and pest proofing;
  • discounted prices for multiple treatments;
  • quality of work, proven with a guarantee;
  • health & safety compliant services

How Do Our Pest Exterminators in Wood Green Perform The Services

1. Property Inspection
We will send out a local pest exterminator from Wood Green to check your property thoroughly prior to conducting any control measures. This is needed because it will determine the method of pest extermination with regards to how advanced is the infestation. We always check all rooms and items that can be related to your pest problem. Our local technicians will use advanced methods of pest detection, such as UV powder or CCTV surveys, where that is applicable.

2. Pest Treatment
Once the pest controller has determined the level of infestation, he will proceed to the actual treatment. We employ a variety of methods to rid of the vermin, including biological pest solutions, chemical treatments, pesticides, insecticides, heat, and more. We also use special detection traps to monitor the infestation between the visits. Our standard plans include 2 to 3 visits by a local pest exterminator in Wood Green but more may be required if you happen to have an advanced infestation at hand.

3. Prevention
Destroying the pest colony is not always enough. This is why our local team of pest controllers is always ready to perform a variety of pest prevention and exclusion techniques. Be sure that your technician will advise you for the best course of action in order to avoid further problems with vermin.

4. After Care
We also offer complementary post-treatment services upon request. Our local technicians can perform disinfection services and can remove pest carcasses from your property at Wood Green.

Our Wood Green Pest Control Services Are The Preferred Option Among Locals

Here is why residents in Wood Green choose Archers Pest Control:

  • Flexible scheduling options;
  • Advanced pest detection and extermination;
  • Fast and discreet pest removal;
  • Per job pricing plans;
  • Discounts and savings;
  • Expert local technicians.

The Most Sought After Pest Extermination Services in Wood Green

Preventative & After Treatment Services

Pest Proofing Solutions
Your local pest technician will install bird deterrents or rodent-proofing solutions, depending on the issue you try to prevent. This will discourage the pests from entering or perching on your property.

CCTV drain monitor & repair
This additional step can be used FREE of charge to locate rodent entry points in drains, cavities, ducts, pipes, and more. After that, we can either seal or fix those breach points to provide you with additional security and avoid re-infestations.

Pest Disinfection
Upon request and for a small fee, our local pest technicians will disinfect the areas where pests have resided inside your property. We will clean all traces of the vermin and remove harmful bacteria and pathogens from the surfaces of your home.

Pest Carcass Removal
Your pest expert can remove any rodent carcasses from your property safely. This is done on the next visit when the pro checks for any rat or mouse activity. You don't need to risk your health and wellbeing, simply leave this task in the capable hands of Archers Pest Control in Wood Green.

Other Areas We Cover

Archers Pest Control covers all London boroughs, including Chelmsford, Enfield, Walthamstow, Woodford Green, Waltham Forest, just to name a few. Book your pest control service wherever you are!

*Parking and VAT are subject of a surcharge. Terms and conditions apply!

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