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Pest Control in Chelmsford

All The Reasons To Choose Archers Pest Control in Chelmsford

By choosing Archers Pest Control as your local pest exterminator partner in Chelmsford, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will receive one of the best and most highly rated pest control services in your area. All of our clients enjoy:

  • Full-time availability for your convenience
  • A complete range of pest extermination solutions in Chelmsford
  • Extras to benefit from like disinfection and pest prevention
  • Competitive rates and discounts
  • Services executed to the highest standards
  • Fully compliant with all health & safety regulations

How We Perform Our Pest Extermination Services in Chelmsford

1. Thorough Inspection
Regardless of the type of pest infestation you are dealing with, on arrival our local pest control specialists in Chelmsford will carry out a full and detailed inspection of your property. During this phase, we will identify the type of pest that has invaded your living or working space, we’ll uncover any hiding spots, find the source of the problem, and gather other useful information that will help us provide a reliable solution. We depend on tested and innovative inspection techniques like UV powder and CCTV surveys.

2. Personalized Solution
Our certified and experienced pest exterminators will use the uncovered information from the inspection to design a special and custom-made pest termination plan that will be a perfect match for your situation. Based on how serious the infestation is and the type of pests we are tackling, we’ll use a range of different pest control techniques like pesticides, insecticides, heat treatment, chemical treatment, biological pest products, and more. You can rest assured that all of the pest control products and techniques we use are non-toxic and safe for humans and pets.

3. Preventative Measures
Once we’ve gotten rid of every pest on your property, we won’t turn our backs on you. Solving the problem today doesn’t mean that it won’t come back tomorrow. To help you and your close ones stay protected and enjoy a safe and pest-free space, we’ll offer free professional guidance and support that will help you take the necessary preventative measures to avoid a recurring pest infestation in the future. We’ll show you the origin of the problem and give you tips on how to ensure it’s resolved.

4. Post-treatment
You can expect anywhere between two and three visits by our local pest control team in Chelmsford to guarantee that we have provided a fully satisfactory service. Apart from that, you can benefit from a number of post-treatment services that are complementary to our main pest control solutions. Some of the services you can enjoy include disinfection to eliminate any contamination or bacteria spread as a result of the infestation or removal of pest carcasses from your living or working environment.

Our Pest Exterminators in Chelmsford Are Among The Most Trusted By The Locals

When it comes to forming teams of pest control specialists, we leave nothing to chance. We only work with proven experts in the field. Here is what you can expect from our pest exterminators:

  • Licensed & certified professionals
  • Local expertise
  • Rich knowledge of different pest types
  • Trained to use sophisticated pest elimination techniques
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Reliability & trustworthiness

The Most Popular Chelmsford Pest Extermination Services Our Clients Book

Prevention & Post-Treatment Services Near You

A pest-proofed home
We won’t just remove pests from your property for you. We can also help you stay safe and protected over time. Our local pest control experts in Chelmsford use industry-grade pest proofing solutions like bird spikes, rodent exclusion, and other types of solutions that will keep the pests away.

CCTV drain monitoring
Oftentimes, rodents like mice and rats successfully hide in your drain systems and remain invisible. Even if you believe the problem is gone, you might be wrong. Our pest terminators are trained to use CCTV drain monitoring, which will be provided free of charge to help us identify the problem in hard to reach areas like pipes, construction cavities, ducts, and others.

Bacteria & contamination removal
Pests often carry a range of different parasites, germs, viruses, and hazardous diseases. Even if they’ve spent just a few days in your home, the long-term contamination effects could be detrimental. We provide professional disinfection to make sure that once the pests are eliminated, all traces of bacteria have been safely cleaned up.

Safe removal of dead pests
After the pest treatment, your property may have turned into a cemetery for pest carcasses. Sit back and relax while our professionals handle this undesired situation for you. We’ll inspect the property and remove any discovered dead bodies or carcasses from your property. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands by choosing a trusted and reputable pest control company in Chelmsford.

Other Nearby Areas

Archers Pest Control performs pest control services across Chelmsford and other nearby (and not so) areas, such as Edmonton, Wood Green, Leytonstone and Stratford, to name a few. Trust us with your pest problem no matter your location, no matter the holidays - we are here!

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