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Pest Control in Leytonstone

Why Pick Pest Control in Leytonstone by Archers Pest Control

  • Flexible hours to fit your schedule;
  • Full catalogue of pest extermination services;
  • Additional disinfection and pest-proofing done by our Leyton teams;
  • Discounts for requesting more than one service;
  • Effective treatments with a guaranteed result;
  • Health and safety compliance.

Our Method of Pest Extermination in Leytonstone

1. Full Inspection
In the field of pest control, to “Get off to a good start“ means to inspect the property with care. CCTV drain survey and UV tracking powder are just some of the tools under our belt. Coupled with detection of constructional breaches, they assure a detailed evaluation of the bigger picture. All this results in the right choice of pest-control methods for our Leytonstone clients.

2. Pest Treatment
Next step is the actual treatment. With biological pest control, chemical control, insecticides, pesticides, heat, exclusion etc. our technicians obtain pest-free results with just 2-3 visits. However, some cases may require more care than others. If needed our Leytonstone team will place monitoring traps to track the progress between the sessions.

3. Prevention
We not only treat the problem – we strive to make it a thing from the past. With tested tools, we can repel future vermin and other "unwanted guests" in your property.

4. Aftercare
When it comes to pest control, extermination is not the only measure you could take provided you strive for optimal safety in your home. Many customers choose our carcass removal and final disinfection to avoid health risks and unwanted chores.

Why Leytonstone Residents Choose Our Pest Removal Services

Here are some of the reasons why the locals in Leytonstone and choose Archers Pest Control:

  • we charge for the final job rather than per hour;
  • local teams with years of experience behind their back;
  • flexible schedule to fit the needs of our customers;
  • world-class methods for pest control in Leytonstone;
  • fast and discreet pest extermination;
  • discount offers for multiple treatments.

The Most Sought After Pest Removal Treatments in Leytonstone

Preventative & After Treatment Services

Pest Proofing Solutions
Prevention is better than treatment. That’s why our technicians can install rodent-proofing solutions so that your home is unbreachable for the pests.

CCTV drain monitor & repair
This service is the Holy Grail of pest-control and we provide it for FREE. We will locate the entry points from where pests breach your home. After the analysis, we can proceed to seal the problem areas leaving the intruders with no choice than to choose another home leaving your house pest-free.

Pest Disinfection
We don’t exterminate pests for the sake of it, we do it for your personal safety and health. That’s why for a small fee you can request disinfection of the areas resided by pests. Our teams in Leytonstone will leave no trace of vermin nor of the harmful bacteria and pathogens that go hand in hand with these unwanted guests.

Pest Carcass Removal
Rodent carcass removal can turn to one of the most dull and frustrating chores. Our technicians at Archers Pest Control will use technology to track pest-activity between the sessions. The result is full removal of carcasses on the final visit.

Other Areas Part of Our Coverage

Besides Leytonstone, we also cover other nearby areas and perform our pest control services in Wood Green, Enfield, Walthamstow, Woodford Green, to name a few. Book a local exterminator today and get rid of the pests for good!

*Parking and VAT are subject of a surcharge. Terms and conditions apply!

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