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Pest Control in Leyton

Why Our Pest Control Services in Leyton?

Need to tackle a pest-related issue? Don’t waste time waiting for technicians from other areas to come, instead make an appointment with Archers Pest Control. Our Leyton team comes with:

  • Flexible and client-centred scheduling;
  • A large portfolio of pest extermination services;
  • Additional services such as disinfection and pest proofing included;
  • Discount offers;
  • Guaranteed quality of the final work;
  • Service in accord with all health & safety standards.

How Our Pest Exterminators in Leyton Perform The Treatments

1. Property inspection
In order to determine the exact method of pest extermination needed for your case we will send our local exterminator for Leyton. He performs a thorough check of all the rooms and items that could be related to your soon to be forgotten pest problem. The technicians for the Leyton area are equipped with all the necessary and advanced tools for pest detection, such as CCTV surveys and UV powder.

2. Pest treatment
After the initial investigation, comes the actual treatment. We have many aces up our sleeves when it comes to pest extermination. Some of them are biological pest solutions, chemical treatment, pesticides, insecticides, and even plain old heat. Normally 2-3 visits are enough to get the job done, however, some cases may require more sessions. Our pest exterminators in Leyton are also equipped with detection traps allowing them to monitor the progress rate after each visit.

3. Prevention
It is not enough to destroy vermin. That’s why our Leyton pest control teams strive to exclude pest-related problems from your life forever. We will not only provide you with pest prevention and exclusion techniques but also with tips and tricks to easily keep your home pest-free in the future.

4. After care
Upon request our Leyton technicians will provide you with additional pest-treatment services. Need final disinfection to top off the treatment or just someone to remove the pest carcasses after the extermination? Leave the annoying tasks for our Leyton team and just enjoy your pest-free property.

Here is why residents in Leyton choose Archers Pest Control

  • Flexible working hours and schedule;
  • Top-notch pest detection and extermination;
  • Quick and discreet service;
  • Per job and Individual pricing plans;
  • Discount offers;
  • Expert Leyton technicians near you.

High In Demand Pest Extermination Services in Leyton

Preventive & After Treatment Services

Pest proofing Solutions
Your house is your castle and we are fully committed to prevent future pest-invasions. Our local teams provide bird deterrents and rodent-proofing services guaranteed to leave a salty feeling in all pest plotting to enter your property.

Pest Carcass Removal
Archers Pest Control believe that your home should not be a chore for you. That’s why we couple our pest-monitoring service with carcass removal. On our last visit, after assuring the lack of any vermin activity, we will remove all carcasses. The only thing you will have left is a 100% confidence to invite even the most important guests just minutes after our technicians leave your home.

Pest Disinfection
Sometimes pest extermination is not enough, especially when it comes to the safety of your family. For a small fee, we will use our powerful biocide to disinfect your home from all traces of bacteria and microorganisms.

CCTV drain monitor & repair
Our experienced technicians have learned that in order to kill a pest you have to think like one. Drains, cavities, ducts, and pipes are amongst the common breach points of your home. Our teams use CCTV to discover the weak spots and seal them for FREE to prevent further re-infestations.

Other Areas Nearby

Besides Leyton, Archers Pest Control also performs pest treatments in Edmonton, Wood Green, Leytonstone and Stratford, to name a few. No matter your precise location, you can trust Archers Pest Control to dispatch a reliable local exterminator to deal with the vermin at the site!

*Parking and VAT are subject of a surcharge. Terms and conditions apply!

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