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Pigeon Proofing London. How to prevent pigeons nesting under solar panels

Pigeon Control London

If you own solar panels, you also own the strongest pigeon magnet. It’s as simple as that. With the growing demand for solar panels across homes and businesses in London, the number of pigeon-related pest control services increased. Pigeon nesting under solar panels can become a big nuisance and hazardous to the health of the household and this is not something that no one wants to ignore. Unfortunately, when pigeons get busy building their nests, they tend to get busy wrecking another. The damage that pigeons create can often be terrible, and no amount of reasoning will dissuade them. In this blog, we will go into the core of how pigeons can affect your home or business, and then explain the ways you can pigeon-proof your solar panels.


Why Do Pigeons Nest Under Solar Panels?

Many people might wonder, why are pigeons attracted to solar panels? The answer is that solar panels create a shady and safe spot for pigeons to nest under and be protected from predators. Pigeons are also attracted by the heat emitted by solar panels during the winter season.

What Problems Do Pigeons Cause?

Pigeon Droppings
The biggest issue that pigeons cause is their droppings. Apart from looking disgusting, their faeces will damage the solar panel’s surface over time. And if you are wondering “is bird faeces toxic?” The short answer is YES. As a matter of fact, bird faeces carry germs and microorganisms that are responsible for over 50 human and animal diseases such as salmonella, toxoplasmosis, and many more.
The pigeon-related problem becomes even more bothersome in urban and suburban areas where contamination of soil and other surfaces is frequent. And as if this wasn’t enough, pigeons themselves are noisier compared to other birds, especially when they are moving across the roofs. Combine the pigeons sitting on your roof with the faeces all over your property, and you’ve got yourself a pretty unpleasant view.
Blocked Gutters
Pigeon faeces and debris from their nests or the nests themselves can get caught in the pipe, and then cause gutters to become blocked. This can possibly lead to all sorts of drainage problems. In fact, gutters give the pigeons great access to your walls and roof, so finding a weak spot that they can use to sneak into your loft is very easy for them to do.
Bird mites commonly are found near the nesting areas of pigeons and other birds but may enter your home in search of a new food source. Often when mites enter homes it is due to an existing problem with birds nesting in lofts, chimneys, eaves, window ledges or balconies. As we previously mentioned solar panels provide the perfect sheltered nesting area for pigeons, so homes with these installed are susceptible to bird mites entering through the roof.

How To Stop Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

Pigeons will look for a nesting location that’s close to a food source – and we all know they can find a food source almost anywhere. Here are a few measures you can take to prevent pigeons from infesting your London property:

Keep everything clean and tidy
One of the reasons pigeons will be knocking around your property and solar panels in the first place is food. If you have a garden make sure you keep it clean, your rubbish bags are properly tied up, your waste bins are sealed.
Use Fake Owls
Pigeons hate raptors such as falcons, owls, and eagles and luckily they are not very good at distinguishing the real predators from the fake ones. A plastic owl on your rooftop or near the solar panels is an effective way of deterring pigeons. 
Call The Experts From Archers Pest Control
If pigeons have already settled in on your solar panels, mesh wire will just trap them. To cleanse your roof of pigeons, seek help from the professional pigeon control team here at Archers Pest Control
Our well-trained and experienced team will ‘shoo’ the pigeons away, will clean the pigeon mess without damaging the wiring, and then apply a biocide to kill any mites and break down any remaining feces. Once this is done, they will install the mesh which will prevent pigeons from nesting on your solar panels in future.
If you are seeking 5-star pigeon solar proofing services - we are the ones to call. Thanks to our 30+ years of experience in pest control and advanced professional methods, we can help you get rid of any pest that is causing you stress.
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