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Pigeons - Characteristic and Facts

The feral pigeon has a short neck with a small head. Their short legs allow them to perch on branches as well as walk on flat surfaces. Adult pigeons are generally 32 - 37 centimetres long. Standard pigeons have bluish-grey neck and chest with greenish and reddish-purple iridescence around their wings. Their eyes are typically red or orange and are able to see about 26 miles. Pigeon's diet includes a variety of seeds, grains, berries, greens, fruits and small insects. An interesting fact is that pigeons can breed at any time of the year. Most pigeons attempt to raise as many as four or even five litters in a single year. The primary predator of pigeons are falcons, owls and crows. Usually, pigeons can live 3 to 6 years, but in captivity, they have lived as long as 15 years. There are approximately 400 million pigeons in the world.
Due to their abilities to produce large amounts of excrement and to carry different diseases, combined with the ability to create property damage, pigeons are largely considered a nuisance. Abandoned buildings are their favourite nesting area. Broken windows, cracks and holes provide easy access, and pigeons are experts in spotting new access points.

Why Do I Have A Pigeon Problem?

Pigeons are the number one urban vermin. They exist in a large population in all cities across the United Kingdom. Their diverse diet including seeds, grains and human food scraps allows them to survive in different environments. The roofs houses are the perfect location for them.  Uncleaned house gutters are also a comfortable spot for the pigeons to make their nests.


Do Pigeons Pose Any Danger?

As a matter of fact, a pigeon won't attack a human, but finding pigeon faeces on your path, balcony, deck or car is not very nice. Unfortunately, there are more than 50 diseases that can be transmitted by their excrement and some of them can infect humans or pets. The most common diseases are salmonella, e. Coli, and histoplasmosis. Pigeons can also transit over 30 types of parasites like bed bugs and bird mites. They are also responsible for thousands of pounds of damage every year in urban areas. Their faeces contain uric acid, which is extremely corrosive and is able to destroy any structure on which they roost. If you discover an area where pigeons have been roosting, you should not try to clean the droppings without full PPE. This equipment must include a filter mask to prevent inhaling the dust from their droppings. If you don't have the right equipment, you should seek professional help from Archers Pest Control.

Seek a professional to deal with your pigeon problem 

If your pigeon problem isn’t going away or you simply don’t have the time or the energy to deal with it, please reach out to us. We could be happy to help you resolve your pigeon problems, and can remove them in no time.

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