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Pest Control Myth Busting - Do ultrasonic pest devices get rid of rodents and other pests in your London home?

It's Time To Bust The Myth

Ultrasonic Pest Devices may sound like the ideal solution to any pest-related issues. These devices are small, easy to work with, nonchemical, and not expensive. For those reasons the ultrasonic devices are highly appealing to many home and business owners for the proclaimed capability to push off rodents and other pests.
The ultrasonic devices are also easy to obtain and can be easily found in most Do-It-Yourself shops and even online. But are they effective against rodents and other pest infestations and how do they work? Here's the breakdown.

What Is Ultrasonic Pest Control Device And How It Works

The ultrasonic pest repeller is an electronic device that produces a high-pitched sound and at a frequency that may irritate, to kill and drive away household pests. The device typically needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet but some devices are battery-operated. Usually, the battery devices are used in gardens, garages, and sheds, or other areas that are not wired for power.
When turned on, the device will start to produce high-pitched sounds, some devices can also emit high-frequency vibrations, which can not be noticed by human ears, however, some individuals with highly sensitive hearing may notice them.
The devices must be placed in areas where you have seen rodents such as mice or rats or where you have seen signs of pest activity such as droppings or smear marks and holes. To the mice and rats, the high-pitched sound and the frequencies will sound like a loud jackhammer. This isn’t just insufferable to rodents, but the ultrasonic devices claim to repel other pests such as insects.

Are Ultrasonic Devices Safe For Pets?

Most Ultrasonic Pest Control devices can release sound above 20 kHz and when it comes to pets, the level of frequency they can hear depends on the type of pet you own.
Pets such as fancy rats, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, gerbil, and other pet rodents can hear sounds up to 80-90 kHz. Cats can hear up to 60 kHz, while dogs can pick up sounds to 40 kHz. Actually, there might be cause for concern about long-term neurological damage because, unlike the vermin, your furry friends live in your home and cannot just leave the premises because of the device. 
In fact, there has been no clear research investigating the long-term effects on cats, dogs, or other popular pet species. If you have pets,  you need to consult with your veterinarian about these devices prior to buying one.

Do Ultrasonic Devices Really Work- Myth Or Reality

The short answer to this question is simply NO. Ultrasonic rodent repellents don’t work.
There are several reasons for the failure of these devices for pest control purposes.
Ultrasonic sounds are used by some animals for echolocation and bio-sonar purposes, therefore there seems to be little to no evidence as to why pests would be prevented by an ultrasonic sound.
Some homeowners have noted an immediate effect at first, but over time the pest problem will continue to persist. Mice for example are fairly resilient and easily adaptable, so while the sound may bother them at the beginning, in most cases they will grow accustomed to it or find an alternative route.
This product alone will not help getting rid of rodents or other pests. Rodents are often invited indoors through small gaps in the exterior of your London home such as vents, slipping underneath doors. damaged roofing damaged drain pipe or cracks in the foundation.
One more reason why these devices won't help you against the war with the pests at your home is that the Ultrasound is reflected by hard surfaces and absorbed by soft furniture. Placement behind a couch won't allow waves to bounce around freely, causing a hostile sound environment. The devices should be placed in areas where their signals will travel uninterrupted by walls or any furniture.
In fact, homeowners with pest-related issues should rely on a qualified pest control company that can help them identify their particular pest problem and advise them on effective solutions.

Don’t Be Fooled By Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices, Trust The Experts

By hiring a local rat exterminator in London by Archers Pest Control, not only will it take the necessary actions to manage your pest issues and it will also give you helpful tips on what you can do to keep them from becoming a problem  such as:
  • Learning about the behaviors of the pest you are struggling with and modifying your home and garden to make them unwelcoming for the pests.
  • Sealing cracks and openings into your London home.
  • Removing clutter and sources of food in and around your home may be attracting the vermin.

If you're struggling with a pest-related issue and don't know what to do or where to start, you don't have to tackle your pest concerns on your own. Talk to our well-trained pest control experts at Archers Pest Control. Our BPCA qualified technicians can help you to identify the specific pests you're dealing with and will successfully get rid of them in no time.
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