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Commercial Pest Control and why you should invest in Professional Pest Control for your London business

Commercial Pest Control And Why You Should Invest In Professional Pest Control For Your London Business

As a London business owner, you have to constantly make decisions, juggle tasks, and delegate responsibilities to keep your business successful. Moreover, you want to keep morale high by maintaining a  healthy workspace. In fact, even a small issue might throw a wrench in the works that can be difficult to recover from. Pests are one such problem.
While many London business owners don’t consider pest control until a pest infestation has occurred, you can save yourself untold amounts of stress, time, and money by taking a proactive approach to pest control. Archers Pest Control offers professional pest control services that can keep your business pest-free.

What Types Of Pests Are Common Problems For London Businesses?

Any pest that infests your house can also easily infest your business. Although, some pests tend to be bigger problems for businesses than others, either because they favor commercial locations or because they can cause serious problems that put at risk the health of your employees and the reputation of your company. Below you will find just a small sampling of the potential pests you may experience in your business.



Rodents are known as dangerous pests to have in your business for a couple of reasons. First, they can spread many serious illnesses, which can be especially harmful in a restaurant setting. Rodents will walk around on surfaces as they look for food sources. 
If rodents-for example rats or mice get on your food prep areas or into your food supplies, they’ll contaminate these areas with their feces and with the harmful pathogens they carry around on their bodies. These pathogens can then be spread to your customers and employees. Once inside, rodents can cause damage to your business facility. Rodents like to chew constantly on anything they can get their mouths on. If they get into your business, they can damage thousands of pounds worth of inventory. 
Rats and mice can also cause severe damage to your facility by chewing on walls, insulation, wiring, pipework, and more, as well as by damaging your building with their waste and nest-building.

We all can agree that no one likes cockroaches and for good reason. If cockroaches get into your business, they will spread harmful diseases wherever they go. Cockroaches prefer to spend their time in warm, humid locations that are often extremely dirty. 
Once these pests get into your business, they will spread the germs they’ve gathered on their bodies all around your facility. As a matter of fact, a cockroach infestation grows and spreads rapidly, and once they are in your facility, they are not easy to get out. Cockroaches spend most of their time hiding, which makes it difficult to eliminate them, and even if you can see these critters, roaches can be extremely difficult to eradicate from your business.

Bed Bugs
Bed bugs can become a big problem for businesses, especially in the hospitality sector. Guests expect to be provided with accommodations that are clean and most important pest-free. If your customers start waking up covered in bites, they will not be willing to return to your hotel or leave a good review of their stay.


What Kind Of Problems Do Pests Can Cause To Your Business?

Without a doubt - Any type of pests are bad for any type of business. If a pest that is simply a nuisance gets into your facility and is seen by your customers, it will undoubtedly leave them with a bad impression of your business.
However, many pests that infest commercial facilities are more than an inconvenience. Different pests can cause different and serious problems which can affect your business and can lead to a large loss of money, and in extreme circumstances, even closure.

Pests threaten the health and wellbeing of your customers and employees. And this is a big problem. Although the types of health issues vary with the pest, below you will find a shortlist of illnesses you can contract from pests:
  • West Nile Virus
  • Malaria
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis
  • Lyme Disease
  • Salmonellosis
  • E.coli
  • Hantavirus
  • Typhoid
  • Dysentery

Even some of these listed illnesses result in a short period of sickness, others result in chronic illness or even death.
Moreover, pests can be a problem for the health of your employees and customers by threatening their safety. Being bitten, scratched, or attacked by a pest can lead to serious health conditions sometimes.

Does Your Business Need Pest Control?
If you are in need of a professional pest control service in London, you can count on the experts at Archers Pest Control. It is our business to protect the people, the products, and the property of our clients that we serve in London.
Our comprehensive BusinessCare program is designed specifically for commercial pest control pressures and utilizes integrated pest management protocols and safe, effective products that will eliminate common pest problems while meeting the specific guidelines set for your industry. Regardless of the type of business, Archers Pest Control has solutions for every pest control need.
Our goal is to provide the best solution for all of our clients and we pride ourselves in offering superior customer service. To learn more about our industry-leading commercial pest control options or any of our other pest control solutions, give us a call today.
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