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6 Most hated pests you are likely to see in your London property

6 Most Hated Pests You Are Likely To See In Your London Property

We can all agree that pests are more than just a nuisance. Different pests carry and spread different diseases, contaminated food, or can cause expensive structural damage to your London property. Many London homeowners are struggling with pest infestation. Unfortunately, our homes sometimes have all the elements necessary to create a perfect pest storm. Today the London pest control experts from Archers Pest Control will recap why these pests are commonly despised by us.

The Pests Londoners Least Like To Deal With

  •  Rodents (Rats, Mice Squirrels) -39%
  • Bed Bugs - 28%
  •  Cockroaches - 26%
  •  Moths - 4%
  •  Ants - 1%
  •  Spiders  - 2%


1. Rodents

No matter if it's rats, mice, or squirrels any rodent infestation is not ideal. After all, they are unpleasant little critters that spread different diseases and can destroy your property. They will eat basically anything they can sink their teeth into, including wood, insulation, cardboard, and even electrical wiring. As a matter of fact, the exposed wires that mice leave behind are suspected to be responsible for 35% of house fires in the United Kingdom.
Rats mice and grey squirrels also contaminate homes by leaving their droppings and urine behind and infiltrating food sources.
Evidence of a rodent infestation is usually quite obvious. You may see them in the garden, particularly in the evening, and if they are in your home you may see that things have been chewed. They may also bring in fleas and ticks that may be carrying different diseases.


2.Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are amongst the worst pests that could infest any London property. These pesky pests will feed on your blood while you sleep. This preference for human blood causes sleepless nights and much anxiety for many London homeowners. Living in a bedbug-infested household is very stressful and frustrating. Bed bugs are known as great hitchhikers, allowing them to travel long distances. They can crawl onto suitcases, clothes, and linens and can end up wherever these items are taken and in most cases, that's your property.
Bed Bugs prefer to hide in cracks and crevices in furniture, behind wallpaper, bed frames, cupboards, mattresses, and curtains To reduce your stress, any further unnecessary expenses or rounds of replacements call a local bed bug exterminator from Archers Pest Control.
Did you know the fear of cockroaches is so common they even have a name for it: Katsaridaphobia. Two of the most common types of roaches in the United Kingdom are the Oriental cockroach and the German cockroach. However, the obvious sign of a cockroach infestation is spotting a live one. Cockroaches are known to be nocturnal creatures, so it’s unlikely to see them running around during the day. Instead, you should check for signs of their presence.
Common Signs Of Cockroach Infestation:
1. Cockroach Droppings
2.Shed Skin
3.Unpleasant odor
Moths are flying insects, closely related to butterflies.  Usually, these pests come in many different shapes and sizes but unlike butterflies, most moths come in muted colors - white, brown, grey, or black. The most common types of moths that can be found in every London household are:
1. Brown House Moth-  A scavenger that feeds on wool, cotton, and other types of cloth. This type of moth can reach up to 26 mm and has a slender, yellowish body. It is a common invader inside houses.
2.Common Clothes Moth- Another type of moth you may find in your London home is the Common Clothes Moth. They have a small body (6 mm )and the edges of the upper pairs have a “rugged” appearance. The common clothes moth larvae feed on fabrics and leave irregularly shaped holes in clothes, carpets, rugs and other fabric items.
Although nocturnal moths are active during the nighttime, they are still attracted by light and are known to fly around any light sources such as lamps. Clothes moths, however, are not nocturnal and actually stray from the direct light. This type of moth prefers dry and dark locations, such as attics and closets. In fact, they hide in the corners making them hard to spot until the moth population has already infested your  London property.

Ants found in the United Kingdom are the ones that most commonly invade homes looking for food. Ant species include the common black ant, the pharaoh ant,  and the ghost ant.
It can be extremely difficult to keep ants out of your London home. The best way to get rid of ant infestation is to try to eliminate the causes that attract the pests in the first place. Keeping a good level of hygiene in the house, cleaning up any spills straight away, and cleaning down food preparation areas will help you against ant infestation. Keep in mind that some actions in fact can make things worse. For instance, Do-It-Yourself methods- not necessary works for all pest problems, such as the Pharaoh Ants! Ants control London is just a call away!
6. Spiders
Spiders take last place in our chart. Although spiders do good by eating flies and other frustrating insects many people have a real fear of them. There are several spider species in the UK that invade homes and businesses, hiring a spider pest companyis one of the most used methods to rid of the crawlers for good if you live in London.
If you want to deter spider infestation, clear away any spider webs regularly, and try to minimize potential hiding places like underneath furniture, wall crevices, and gaps between furniture and walls. If you keep your home clear of other insects such as flies this will also help to discourage spiders from creating their webs in your London property. Keep in mind that different species of spiders have different nesting patterns, and only a professional pest controller will be able to identify the species and to assess the level of threat your spider infestation poses, and determine the most appropriate treatment.
If you have an issue with any of the above frustrating pests please do not hesitate to contact the pest control experts in London now.
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