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Squirrel infestation in your London home? Now what? It's time for Pest Control

Squirrel infestation in your London home? Now what? It's time for Pest Control

When fall days are getting colder and shorter many rodents such as squirrels know that it is time to start preparing food and look for a shelter for the winter months. Squirrels do not hibernate during the winter and the warmth and security of your attic make your home the perfect winter shelter.  While ideal for them, for you it means damage to your home and health risk for your family.

In this blog, we will look at how squirrels get into your London property, the damage they can pose and the health risk they cause. And of course, how Archers Pest Control can help you get squirrels out of your house.
squirrel on a roof

Squirrel Behaviour

Squirrels don't hibernate in the winter season, but they still need a safe place to sleep. And when the temperatures are low, they will stay in their cosy shelter for days at a time, only venturing out midday when the temperatures are warmest. If you are hearing squeaking sounds coming from your walls or attic, that cosy den might be your home.

Breeding Season
In late winter, grey squirrels may be seen running around, one or more, males chasing females across the ground or through trees. Females are using the winter seasons to breed. Usually, grey squirrels give birth after a six week gestation period in February or March and perhaps, again in August/September. One female grey squirrel can have 3 babies.
During the winter period and especially in February, the team members of Archers Pest Control are noticing an increase in calls from people having issues with grey squirrels. Many customers are reporting weird noises coming from their attic or scratching behind the walls.

Fattening Up For Winter Season

Food is in short supply for squirrels during the winter season, so they prepare by burying nuts and eating large amounts of seeds, fruits or nuts. In fact, a squirrel can eat its own body weight in food. The fat reserves will help them to survive the cold months. Squirrels can stash food in different locations, and sometimes they can forget where they buried them earlier. Some of the forgotten seeds can germinate and grow into trees or shrubs. These critters have the amazing ability to smell and detect their stashes through a foot of snow.

Making Your Attic Their Home

If a squirrel can gain access to your home, they have found the perfect shelter to survive the winter season. Squirrels can build their nests and store their winter food supplies in their new cosy and safe space. They also can birth and raise their babies there.

How Squirrels Are Getting In?

Squirrels are very clever animals and can gain access to your home in several ways. They can gain access through chimneys, they can also chew holes under eaves and soffits. When a tree limb overlaps a roof, this is the ideal bridge from a three to your attic. Any small holes and gaps in your roof can mean a new squirrel roommate for the winter.

Once squirrels are in they will start to damage your home

  • Squirrels can damage insulation by moving it around or tearing it to make nests
  • Squirrels can chew electric wires, creating fire hazards
  • Squirrels defecate and urinate everywhere and this can cause damage to the insulation and also creates a health risk for you, your family and your pets
In addition to damages, squirrels present several health risks to humans

  • Salmonellosis - Salmonella bacteria are found in squirrel droppings. It can cause fever and diarrhoea and in some cases, it can require hospitalization
  • Leptospirosis - Leptospirosis bacteria also can be found in squirrel droppings. The symptoms include headache, fever, and vomiting
  • Flea Infestation - Squirrels are commonly infested with fleas. Fleas can easily infest your home and spread to your pets


What Archers Pest Control Does?

If you suspect you have squirrels in your London home, call Archers Pest Control before the issue gets out of control. A member of our qualified pest control team will come and do a site evaluation. If they indicate that you have a grey or red squirrel infestation, they will choose the proper measures of squirrel control. Our well-trained exterminators are using trapping or poisoning methods of squirrel control. The poisonous bait is permitted for usage against grey squirrels.
The squirrels will have to feed on the bait several times before dying. This slow process ensures that the squirrels do not become suspicious and start to associate the bait illness or death. Unfortunately, if squirrels have access to other food such as bird food for example during the time of the treatment, they will ignore the bait. Because of that traps are usually installed near the poisonous bait.

Repairs, Sanitation and CCTV

Archers Pest Control offers sanitation services with biocides in order to disinfect and cleanse the areas where squirrels have lived and kill all bacteria and viruses. We also remove the damaged insulation and can replace it with a new one for an additional fee.
We can also offer CCTV camera systems and motion sensor cameras to keep an eye on your squirrel problem.

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