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Moth Control London. How to keep your clothes safe from moths this spring season

Moth Control London. How To Keep Your Clothes Safe From Moths This Spring Season

The warm weather of the past week has seen a jump in demand for Moth Prevention and Eradication services in London. The team members of Archers Pest Control are noticing an increase in calls from people having moth infestation in their properties.
Although clothes moths are now all-year-round pest problems with most London homes having central heating that keeps them active even in the winter season, spring is the season in which most clothes moths start to emerge and start looking for a place to mate and lay eggs. In fact, a single female can lay up to 400 eggs over a three week period before dying.


The Life Cycle Of Clothes Moths

Adults Clothes Moths don't have functional mouthparts and cannot damage or destroy your clothes, but their hungry offspring are the real pest.
As we earlier mentioned, after mating, a female moth can lay up to 400 eggs before dying. Their eggs usually hatch in 4 to 10 days during the spring and summer, but it may take several weeks to hatch in the winter season. 
The male moths live for about a month to mate with other females, creating hundreds more of their starving offspring.
The moth larva begins feeding right after hatching from the egg. Their development time can vary from one month to three depending on the room temperature and food source. When larvae of the moths are ready to pupate ( the beginning of the process by which they develop into adult moths) they move up and attach themselves with silk thread from which they hang.

Signs of Clothes Moth Infestation

The first and most common sign of moth infestation in your wardrobe is damaged clothes. Holes in clothes and particularly wool, cashmere and silk items are preferred meals for clothes moths. In fact clothes, moth larvae eat protein-based fibres which can be found in the items listed above.

How Do Clothes Moths Get Into Your Home?
Clothes moths are not able to fly far, so it's unlikely for them to just come from open windows. It's more likely that they have travelled in on rugs, second-hand clothes and furniture.

How To Keep Your Clothes Safe From Moths

  • Locate the source of moth infestation - The first and most important step in moth control is to find the source of the moth infestation. Look carefully for holes in any items that are made from wool or animal fibres. Try to find from where the clothes moths have been laying their eggs since it's the larvae that feed on fabric. To simply save the rest of your clothes it is recommended to dispose of any clothes moth infested items.
  • Clean your clothes - For any clothes that are made from wool or animal products, it is essential to take them to dry cleaners. Dry cleaning companies are using special chemicals that will kill the moth eggs. All of your other clothes need to be washed with hot water.
  • Clean your wardrobe thoroughly - After finding the source of clothes moth infestation in your London home, you need to clean your wardrobe. Keep in mind, moth eggs up in a whole host of places such as your carpet, rugs, the bottom and top shelves and even the ceiling. Hoover thoroughly the wardrobe and dust especially in the corners and any carpet and rug areas. Do not forget to hoover your furniture and curtains.
  • Use pheromone clothes moth traps - The exterminators from Archers Pest Control recommend using pheromone traps against clothes moths in your wardrobe. These traps lure male clothes moths to powder that contains female clothes moth pheromones. This powder sticks to their wings and gives the male clothes moth a false appearance of female moths. This will confuse both female and male clothes moths and the breeding cycle can be effectively ended.
  • MothBalls - Another effective moth control hack is using mothballs. Mothballs contain naphthalene which is made of coal tar or crude oil and turns into toxic gas. When inhaled, it reacts with cells, breaking them down. For effective moth control leave mothballs in any pockets of your jackets or other clothes that have pockets. Be extra cautious when using mothballs around small kids and pets. If you develop a headache, vomiting or nausea after being exposed to mothballs, discontinue using them and dispose of them.
  • Freeze your wool clothes - Sub-zero temperatures will kill any larvae or moths.
  • Use natural Repellents - Certain herbs such as bay leaves, eucalyptus, cedar, and lemon peel can help you against the war with clothes moths.


Moth Identification - Pantry Moths Or Clothes Moths

As a matter of fact, clothes moths are often confused with Indian meal moths, but actually, those moths are very different, primarily in the materials they are feeding on and also the places they are commonly spotted. Indian meal moths can be easily found in pantries, while clothes moths are usually hiding in wardrobes. As their names suggest Indian meal moths diet includes any grain products, dried fruits, cereals and nuts.  If you want to learn more about the difference between Indian meal moths and clothes moths visit our Pest Library.

Protect your carpets from clothes moths infestation
Unfortunately, clothes moths could also infest your carpets and rugs. Often these frustrating pests are laying eggs in carpets, preferably in areas where the larvae can hatch and feed undisturbed. The damage they can create occurs mostly around the edges of the room. The good news is that the open areas with lots of foot traffic and natural light are rarely attacked.
Using aerosols sprays and smoke bombs will eliminate clothes moths, but if they already laid their eggs then it might be too late. For maximum protection, it is highly recommended to call professional carpet cleaners every three months.
Professional Moth Control London
As experts in moth control in London, our certified technicians are able to offer every London homeowner a tailored moth control treatment and helpful preventative advice. We have a wide variety of moth control solutions to quickly eradicate any pest related issues in your London property or business.

Our moth control options include using professional insecticide and fumigation methods that will eliminate adult moths and their larvae from any of your delicate items. Call Archers Pest Control to book a moth control survey of your London property or business or contact us via our web form.

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