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Clothes Moths

Clothes Moth Characteristic and Facts

Clothes Moth is a species of fungus moth. The larvae of this species are considered a serious pest as they can extract nourishment from clothing - particular wool but also many other natural fibres and stored foods like grains. They also have the ability to digest keratin protein in wool and silk. They are attracted to carpeting and clothing that contains human skin cells or sweat. Larvae are attracted to these areas not only for the food sources but for traces of moisture. Furthermore, they can be found on sheds feathers, flour, semolina and biscuits. Both adults and larvae prefer low light conditions. Handmade rugs are one of their favourites, because it is easy for the larvae to crawl underneath and do their damage from below. Clothes moth is a small insect of 0.24 -0.28 in body length and 0.35 -0.36in wingspan. Their colour may vary from yellow to brown.
Females  lay eggs in clusters of between 30 and 200. Adult moths can live up to 30 days after which they die. Unlike other insect clothes moths that do not feed, they acquire all of the nutritions and moisture they need while in the larvae stage and once they hatch their only goal is to reproduce.


How To Identify If I have Moth Infestation?

The most common sign if you have a problem are those holes in your clothing and also seeing adult moths flying around your wardrobe. These adult moths don't actually eat your clothes, however, their larvae cause the damage. If you notice moths in your home, that doesn't mean they are clothes moths. In fact, there are thousands of moth species but only a few can really create damage to your clothes.

Why Do I Have Clothes Moths?

Clothes moths can enter your home on a piece of clothing you were given, buying something from a second hand shop can also transport the larvae into your home. These moths don't like direct light and you can find them in your closet or wardrobe. Messy wardrobes and closets provide more opportunities for them to find the right textile that suit their diet. Warmer temperatures also help clothes moths to thrive.

Prevent Clothes Moth

Keeping your home and wardrobes clean and organised is one of the best ways to minimize the risk of getting cloth moths. Make sure you regularly vacuum your carpets and rugs and even deeper cleaning twice a year. Pay special attention to cupboards and closets and clean them thoroughly. Borrowed clothing also can put you in at risk of moth infestation. Anything that is purchased from second-hand clothes shops must be washed as soon as you get home. Mothballs are also a good way to prevent getting clothes moths. They can be effective as a way to repel and kill moths.
How Archers Pest Control Can Help You with Moth Infestation
Our  BPCA certified pest control technicians are able to quickly identify the specific moth species and the extent of the infestation. They will recommend the most appropriate treatment for your property and will safely and effectively get rid of moths.
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