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How bed bugs infestation starts and how to defend against the dreaded pests

How Bed Bugs Infestation Starts And How To Defend Against The Dreaded Pests

If you have been told that your London home is safe from bed bug activity, you may be surprised to learn it was all a lie.
Bed bugs are frequently misunderstood pests around  London. Many believe a bed bug infestation is caused by filth but this is a misconception. The truth is that they can attack almost any London property.

Bed Bugs Characteristic

Bed bugs are parasitic creatures, which means that they must live alongside a host to survive. This is one of the reasons why bed bugs gather inside mattresses, sofas, pillows, or other furniture in the house.
Bed bugs will take advantage of resting humans by crawling across their skin in a zig-zag pattern, feeding on blood and tissue. While bed bugs have not been proven to spread diseases, they are known to leave behind a trail of itchy bites, secondary infections, insomnia, and sometimes even anemia.
Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?
Bed bugs live almost exclusively with humans, While it is often assumed that they come from hotels and motels, the list of places bed bugs have been found is much more extensive. Bed bugs are hitchhiking bugs, so you may be wondering “How do you get bed bugs in the first place”?
Travel is widely recognized as the most common cause of bed bug infestations. Often these bugs will hitchhike on people, clothing, luggage, or other personal belongings and be accidentally transported to other properties. They could be found anywhere that their food source, human blood, is available.

Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

If you know the right place to look, you may be able to see bed bugs. Luckily, adult bed bugs could be seen with the naked eye and no equipment is required. Places you need to inspect:
  • Bedframe & Mattress
  • Bedside tables
  • Ceiling or/and wall junctions
  • Loose wallpaper or paneling
  • Wherever you find a crease or crevice near where you sleep. This will include skirting boards, mattress seams, and personal belongings.
  •  Rugs & Carpets - Usually, only rugs and carpets in the most commonly used areas of your home, like the bedroom and living room, will hide these pests. Bed bugs can find their way onto these surfaces by crawling off any shoes and bags left on the floor.
Mature bed bug sizes are approximately five millimeters. Their color is reddish-brown. When they are fed with blood, their color will change to bright red in color and will take a couple of days to return to reddish-brown.
Immature bed bugs are categorized by one of the five immature stages as they approach adulthood. They can also be seen by the naked eye, though the bed bugs in the youngest stage are very difficult to spot. Eggs are even smaller and harder to see but can provide another sign of bed bug presence. Eggs are pearly white, found in clusters, and are about one millimeter long.
Finding The Bed Bug HotSpot
Bed bug populations usually stick around areas of human activity. This is sometimes described by the bed bug experts as a bed bug hotspot, as a majority of all infestations stem from these areas or related locales.
Bed bug hotspots are found in almost every state in the United Kingdom and include locations such as airports, train stations, bus terminals, AirBnB`s, and hotels. After spending a few hours in just one of these places, London homes, and business owners could be risking a chance encounter with a bed bug colony. 
Bed bugs are known as the ‘hitchhiking’ pest, using luggage, pets, and clothing to get to where they want to go. In fact, they are opportunistic pests and will travel wherever they believe their next meal might be. Even if you spend extensive amounts of time inside a bed bug hotspot, there are some actions you can take to reduce the chance of bed bug infestation. These include: 
  •  Do not leave your bags and luggage on the ground.  Placing your belongings on the ground could allow traveling bed bugs to get inside your luggage, backpack, or purse. 
  • Be sure to wash all your clothing on the highest heat setting after returning from a trip.
  • Avoid purchasing second-hand items or furniture without checking for bed bug activity. Be on the lookout for spotting, excrement, sweet scents, and other warning signs.
  • Before you move into a new property, ask the landlord or sellers whether there has been a bed bug infestation, or whether the building has ever been treated for bed bugs.
Manage The Spread Of Bed Bugs With Archers Pest Control 
If you do notice the signs of bed bugs in your London home it will be wise to call in some professionals right away. The hardworking team at Archers Pest Control is standing by at any time, ready and able to deliver powerful bed bug solutions at a moment’s notice. Our professional bed bugs exterminators in London have been trained in best pest practices since our foundation. Book a bed bug inspection by calling the pest control experts. 
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