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When does wasp season start and end in The United Kingdom & What to do if you have a wasp nest in your London property

When Does Wasp Season Start And End In The United Kingdom & What To Do If You Have A Wasp Nest In Your London Property.

Wasps, like all insects, are subject to a lifecycle. Every wasp nest has a life cycle all of its own that starts after the long winter sleep. In the United Kingdom, the majority of wasp and hornet nests start in April and end in September.  The start and the end may vary depending on the weather and temperatures.
However, wasp season is not an issue that most of us bother to think about. The majority of us do not even know that there is a definite wasp season in the UK. In this blog, you will find everything you need to know about wasp season in the United Kingdom and the things you can do for wasp nest removal services.

When Does Wasps Season Start

In April, the weather starts getting warmer, and the queen wasps that survived the winter emerge to start forming new colonies. The colonies are usually formed in areas that are sheltered and less accessible. Most common locations for wasps’ colonies include loft spaces, garages, window frames, sheds, and other areas that are less frequented.
Once the queen has found a suitable location and built a hive foundation, she starts laying eggs of the drones or worker wasps. The workers then emerge at the end of April and the beginning of May to continue with the building of their hive while their queen focuses on populating the wasp colony.

Wasp Season Pick
Between June and July, wasp colonies are fully populated, with some hives having more than 10000 wasps. This is the time when wasps are becoming most visible outside their nests. Some drones continue building the nest while others bring food to feed the larvae in the nest.

Wasp Season End

Between August and September, the queen will leave the nest and fly with the males to produce new queen wasps. During this  time frame  workers are more  confrontational, and they will stray further from their hive because they no longer have younger larvae to feed

How To Find Wasp Nest And What To Do Next

If you have noticed a high number of wasps flying around in a particular area of your property, there is a good chance that there is a nest somewhere close by.
Wasps, unlike bees, are a very unwelcome sight in any London home or garden and are well known for being a great deal more aggressive than their honey-making ‘cousins’. In fact, wasps are able to sting multiple times and will defend their nests against anything that's considered dangerous.
Usually, attacking humans isn't common for a wasp, but when the nest becomes overcrowded and the temperature rises, they could become extremely aggressive and sting with little provocation.

Locating the nest

Wasps prefer to build their nests in places such as trees, inside lofts, on the edges of roofs, and in sheds and garages.
In order to get rid of the invaders, you need to locate the nest as soon as possible. The first thing that you need to do is to spend some time observing the flight patterns of the insects. You will begin to notice them coming and going from a single location. If you follow them back to the source, you should see the nest.
If you do not feel that you can approach at a safe distance at this point, it is recommended to call a pest control professional who will be able to identify the type of nest and explain how it can be treated and removed. If you’re aware that you or someone nearby has a severe allergy to bee or wasp stings, do not even consider approaching the nest as it may cause further problems. Removing a wasp's nest by yourself is very dangerous if you are not a professional.

If you have a wasps’ nest in your London property and would like to discuss your options for removal, or simply get more information on the issue, please call Archers Pest Control on  020 8144 8757
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