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Flies - Characteristic and Facts

There are more than 7,000 species of fly in the United Kingdom ranging from the largest called “Daddy Long Leg” to the smallest called “Moth fly”. All flies belong to the order Diptera, meaning two wings. They often land because they have only two wings and therefore can deposit thousands of different bacterias each time they land. Flies have different shape, colour,  size and lifestyle.

How Did I Get Flies?

Flies, like the average housefly is, are one of the most common bugs that can infest your home. This could be very frustrating and even a health hazard because house flies often come from unsanitary places and can transfer different bacterias in your home and onto your belongings. Often when flies find something they like in a home nothing can't stop them from finding a way indoors. It's easy to handle one or two flies, but when they are spreading in a large number, that's when you should be worried.

Signs of Fly Infestation

The most common sign of fly infestation is their presence in your home. You also can see their larvae crawling out of their breeding material as they pupate. House flies are able to produce a fuzzing sound which is a result of their two wing beathing together.

Common Flies

Bluebottle Fly
Bluebottle flies are similar size to the common housefly - around 5-8mm. But they can be easily identified by their metallic blue colour. These flies are common in most continents, but you could best spot them hanging on your walls and windows of your home. Bluebottle fly is attracted to decaying flesh, so an infestation of bluebottle flies might indicate dead animals in your attic or walls but they also may be attracted by pet faeces and household waste. But if the infestation is due to a decaying animal, you need to remove the dead animal. This may be best carried by a professional pest control company.
Fruit Fly
Fruit flies are small insects around 3mm in length. Their abdomen is black and their thorax is light yellow. Fruit flies have large red eyes and their wings are transparent. These flies can be found in kitchens or any other areas that contain food, waste bins and drains. Fruit flies like to feed from rotten food and sour milk, to lay their eggs onto. If the larvae are not rapidly eliminated, they could turn the food into a semi-liquid mess.
House Fly
Houseflies are between 5-8 mm in length. Typically their abdomen is yellow and the thorax is grey with narrow stripes. Houseflies have large red eyes and pointed wings. Their body is covered with tiny hairs that serve as taste organs. Houseflies are common flies that can enter your home or establishment. They are easily attracted by filthy things like rubbish bins, rotten food and faeces.
Cluster Fly
Cluster flies are bigger than the common housefly. Cluster flies are between 6-10 mm length. Their thorax is grey-olive covered with brown hairs. These insects typically enter higher levels of the building. You can find them buzzing in your attic. During the cold months, cluster flies are looking for warm places to hibernate.|
Autumn Fly
Males Autumn flies abdomen is orange with black stripes, red eyes and clear wings, while the female can be almost identical like the common housefly. The female flies are larger than the males. A female fly could reach 6- mm length. Autumn flies are seeking a warm place where they can hibernate for the winter season and that's why we can find them in our home. To prevent autumn fly infestation try to keep your windows closed.


Fly Prevention
Detailed sanitation is the key to prevent the fly infestation. You need to remove the rotting food source and remove any odours that are attacking them, keep trash sealed, wipe down counters, mop floors. And the most important thing is to take out the trash regularly.
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