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Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel - Characteristic And Facts

The Grey Squirrel has greyish- brown fur with a pale-coloured belly. It has a large and bushy tail and the head and body length is from 9.1 to 11.8 inches, the tail from 7.5 to 9.8 inches.
Grey squirrels eat a range of foods, such as berries, tree bark, seeds, corn seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts and some type of fungi including agaric mushrooms. They can cause serious damages to trees by tearing the bark and eating the underneath. Grey squirrels also can attack vegetable and fruit gardens. As a matter of fact, sometimes they eat tomato seeds and discard the rest. They also can prey small insects and eggs. The grey squirrels prefer to build their dens upon large tree branches and in the hollow trunks of trees. Also, they can settle in a more urban environment like public parks. These squirrels can live to be 18-20 years old in captivity, but in the wild they live much shorter.

Can Squirrels Damage My Property?

Squirrels are great climbers, so they easily can climb onto your house and chew through a wooden gable to gain access to your attic. Attics are one of the most favourite nesting spaces for squirrels because they are sheltered and packed with insulation, which is the perfect nesting material to keep them warm.  Female squirrels give birth twice a year, so this is the most common time for them to seek a warm shelter. Once the squirrels gain access to your attic they can create huge damages. They can chew every electrical wiring, which can cause fire, also they can chew through PVC, which can lead to flooding. Unfortunately, home insurance will not cover that type of damages caused by rodents. The most common way to start noticing squirrel issues is to hear them chewing or crawling around the walls.

How To Prevent Squirrels From Entering?

The first thing you need to do is to block every hole that squirrels may use to get into your attic. If you leave these holes open, eventually some types of wildlife will seek a shelter through them. The second thing is to seal and shut any soffits. Make sure all doors and windows don't have any wide gaps that would allow squirrels to squeeze through. If you have any previous damages in the attic you need to repair them, like replacing insulation and don't forget to inspect all electrical wirings. Instal steel screen over your vents to prevent access through them.
The problem might be bigger if the squirrels are inside your home. Check regularly your attic, garage and basement, so you can locate if there are any entry points before squirrels do.
If you can't handle it do not hesitate to contact Archers Pest Control. Grey squirrels are classed as vermin, and it's actually illegal to release a trapped grey squirrel. This is why they must be dealt with professionally.
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