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Pest control health and safety - Products data sheets and labels

Health and Safety e-Library

At Archers Pest Control we use technology to deliver professional pest control services to our customers. 

After every visit, our technician will create a digital pest control report containing vital information regarding the pest problem at the premises.
The report will be sent to the customer or a representative. In the report, the following information can be found:

- Site Health & Safety Checklist
- Observation Summary
- Actions Taken
- Recommendations
- Technician notes and findings

Understand the Pest Control Report

Page 1. Date and address; Site Health & Safety Checklist

The beginning of your pest control reports starts with the date of the visit, the name of the person on-site and the address of the premises. The report number and the type of visit.

The site Health & Safety Checklist contains information regarding the risks posed to the technician during the moment of presence on-site. The technician may ask the customer / person on-site what procedures/site rules / other controls may they have in place and which he will need to follow. 

Page 2-3. Observation Summary

In the Observation Summary section, you can find information regarding the type of pests found, the areas inspected, evidence of pest activity and the level of infestation.

The technician may take pictures and attach up to 3 of them to the report.

Page 4. Actions Taken

The treatment started against the type of pests stated in the Observation Summary will contain all necessary information in this section.

- Treatment carried out with: Type of Pesticide
- Brand name type: Product name and appearance
- Active ingredient: Type of active ingredient and quantity
Used as/in conjunction with: Type of application


Find important recommendations regarding pest prevention or health and safety procedures.

Technician notes

All of our technicians will leave notes regarding the treatment carried out at the premises, or any other relevant information.

Archers Pest Control list of professional use pesticides

Find below-listed pesticides for professional use that can be used at the moment of your pest control treatment with us.

Product Name
Active Ingridient
Bromadiolone 0,005% w/w
Brodifacoum 0,005% w/w
Talon Soft
Brodifacoum 0,005% w/w
Biopren Bio 6EC
S-methoprene 6.74%, Pyrethrins 4.81%, PBO 10.17%, MGK 264 16.07%
Ecorex Action Plus
Permethrin 15%, Tetramethrin 1%, Piperonyl Butoxide 5%
Cy-Pro WP
Cypermethrin 40%
Vulcan P5 DP
Permethrin 0.5%
Goliath Gel
Fipronil 0.05%
Maxforce Quantum
imidacloprid 0.03%

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