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What you need to know about Restaurant Pest Control and why every restaurant should have Pest Control Services

What You Need To Know About Restaurant Pest Control And Why Every Restaurant Should Have Pest Control Services

For restaurants, pests are a lot more than simply inconvenience as they can destroy your business and create health problems for you, your employees, and your customers.
A pest infestation can tarnish your restaurant’s reputation which makes it all the more important for you to hire commercial pest control services with two main agendas which are regular maintenance and targeted interventions. Once your London restaurant becomes infested with a pest it will become more and more difficult and costly to get rid of the invaders and the damage they cause.
Today the commercial pest control experts from Archers Pest Control will tell you what you need to know about these invasive and unwanted guests.

Why Are Pests a Problem For Your Business?

Every restaurant owner knows that pest infestations are a common occurrence. While it may be common, laxity is not the answer. The costs of letting a restaurant pest infestation go unaddressed are far more than the cost of eradicating the pests.
Failure to control the unwanted visitors can result in many unhappy circumstances for your business. Health code violations can shut down your business. Clients who see pests in your restaurant are unlikely to come back. And the worst part is that they will tell their friends and family about their “unpleasant experience”, damaging your reputation.
Will your business ever recover from online reviews exposing your restaurant’s pest infestation? What if the clients get sick from the bacteria and germs spread by pests that are let to run wild in your business?

Common Pests Found In Restaurants

Restaurants are the perfect place for cockroach infestation. This is because restaurants provide multiple sources of food such as leftovers, remains, stored items and make for a conducive, warm shelter where they can stay and thrive.
As a matter of fact, German cockroaches are restaurant #1 issue across the United Kingdom. A common misconception is that dirty restaurants can cause cockroach infestation. While poor sanitation mainly supports cockroach infestations in restaurants, cockroaches can get into a restaurant in various ways. German cockroaches are commonly introduced from an outside source, but they don’t generally live outdoors.
German cockroaches are generally carried into a restaurant for example this could be through delivery or even in a customer or employee’s bags. Structural problems can also lead to other cockroaches infesting a restaurant, such as American or oriental cockroaches. Common cockroach entrances include cracks in walls, underneath doors, through gaps in the foundation, and poorly maintained drains.
Rats & Mice
In restaurants, rats and mice are also some of the most common types of pests you might find. If rats or mice enter your restaurant they are likely to cause many problems. They pose a significant risk to public health. We all know that rodents such as rats and mice carry different diseases like Weil’s disease which, if transmitted to humans, can cause illnesses such as kidney failure and in severe cases, death.
In fact rats and mice often carry fleas, mites, and ticks as well as spreading viruses and bacteria such as E. coli. They can also contaminate food and food packaging with urine and droppings. Rats can easily gnaw through wood, plastic, some metals, and brick walls. These frustrating pests have been known to chew through power cables, causing costly repairs and potential risk of fire. It is no wonder then that getting rid of rats is a top priority to many London businesses.
Capable of contaminating food through pathogens, flies are mainly dangerous to the restaurant business. Not only can they ruin a restaurant’s reputation, but the possibility of transferring a deadly pathogen is high. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business, restaurants will always have to deal with some sort of fly problem.
There are multiple causes for the infestation and a number of solutions. Only a pest control expert can take all the variables into account to come up with the best pest control plan that is safe, quick, effective, and permanent.

Restaurant Pest Control - Prevent Pest Infestation

Having a proper pest control service will help you get rid of any existing pests whilst protecting the restaurant from future infestations.

How To Keep Your Restaurant Pest-Free

Inspections are part of the restaurant business and all restaurant owners have to undergo an inspection. Health inspectors are there to ensure that restaurants maintain the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness and don’t threaten their client’s health. A commercial pest control service will prevent your audit score from dropping.
While it's highly recommended to have a contracted commercial pest control company to help you stay one step ahead of pest activity with a well-customized plan, there are actions that every restaurant has to take to drastically reduce the possibility that pests will be attracted to the restaurant.
General Waste and Bin Areas 
Food and general waste are major pest attractants – flies, ants, rodents, and stinging insects can become an issue around bin areas. Keeping good levels of hygiene is highly recommended. Make sure that bins have functioning, closing lids, clean them regularly and use liners to prevent the build-up inside of bins.
Store Food Properly
Keeping packaged goods, such as dried fruits and nuts, flour, rice, beans, pasta, etc. in air-tight containers will eliminate the chances of contamination.
Clean and maintain good level hygiene on the floor and drains
The dirty drain will attract pests, including flies, cockroaches, and even rats and mice. Make sure to keep those clean and free of food debris.
Thorough inspection
When dealing with food delivery, always check every cardboard box and packages for potential breakages or holes. If you find even the smallest trace of a pest sign, you need to contact your supplies immediately.

Our Commercial Pest Professionals are well trained in pest control and can help you with any pest-related problem your business or household may face. Our commercial and domestic pest control exterminators will be able to assist you in designing the best commercial pest control solutions for your property,  restaurant, or other types of business. If you would like more information on our domestic and commercial pest control plans, contact Archers Pest Control today for a quote.

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